Matt Damon shares how media attention is different this time for Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s rekindled love

Updated on Aug 01, 2021 10:52 AM IST  |  119.6K
Matt Damon also talked about balancing fatherhood and a booming career during the episode

Matt Damon, recently on an episode of Desus & Mero, addressed the media attention around Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's rekindled romance, as well as how different it is from their previous relationship. "I have to say, the press was particularly terrible to them, like, 18 years ago, what's nice is that at least they're being nice this time around," he added, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Affleck and Lopez are currently on a lavish European vacation, visiting St. Tropez, Monaco, Capri and most recently, Nerano, Italy. Lopez has been updating her Instagram with photos from her PDA-filled vacation. On her birthday, she also posted a picture of her and Affleck kissing. "They're on vacation right now, but he still responded when I hit him up about the Red Sox yesterday…You still have priorities!" Matt added. Meanwhile, Damon also discussed juggling parenthood and a thriving profession during the episode. Recently, Ben Affleck also spoke out about how the media treated Bennifer, particularly Lopez, during their first relationship.

According to Entertainment Tonight,  Ben said, "People were so f--king mean about her -- sexist, racist, ugly, vicious s--t was written about her in ways that if you wrote it now you would literally be fired for saying those things you said. Now it's like, she's lionized and respected for the work she did, where she came from, what she accomplished -- as well she f---ing should be!"

As fans will recall, Bennifer began dating in 2002 while acting in their debut film together, Gigli. They soon became engaged, but in 2003, just days before their planned September wedding, they called it off. They officially split in January 2004. However, Lopez and Affleck rekindled their romance after the singer and her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, ended their engagement in April.

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