Matthew McConaughey joins Instagram on his 50th birthday and fans are delighted

Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey gives fans a return gift on his 50th birthday by joining on Instagram. The Dallas Buyers Club star is finally here and the entire Hollywood is welcoming him to the club officially.
After years of wait, Matthew McConaughey joins Instagram officiallyAfter years of wait, Matthew McConaughey joins Instagram officially
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Matthew McConaughey is one of the most talented actors of his generation and is simply a man with a golden heart. The actor has been far from social media since the early days of his film career. But finally, after all these years, Matthew is ready to take a deep dive into the world of Instagram. The actor has officially joined Instagram and his handle is @officiallyMcConaughey. The very first post that Matthew posted on his Instagram account is a video of himself describing what this journey is going to be all about.


Matthew has explained in the video that his Instagram account is going to be a little different in comparison to others. Well, that’s not a surprise for many as we all know Matthew loves doing things differently. With the main focus on tickling the funny bones of his visitors, Matthew has stressed upon the responsibility of providing fresh and real content about his personal life to his fans.




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Matthew also talked about having a monologue and said that “Quite frankly, I know I want to have a monologue, I'm not sure I want to have a dialogue. But I've learned you have to have the dialogue to have the monologue… So I'm looking forward to sharing who I am, I'm looking forward to seeing if what I want to share translates.”



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So far, the legendary actor has more than 618k followers and has posted an introduction video only in his account. Talking about that video, then it has 909,929 views so far. Notable celebrities like Salma Hayek and many more welcomed Matthew on Instagram too. So, if you haven’t followed Matthew McConaughey yet, then go do it now. Because our beloved Rust Cohle is finally here.

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