Maxxxine: Ti West And Lily Collins Treat Fans With A Surprise Screening Of The Upcoming Horror Flick

Ti West and A24 surprised fans with an early screening of their slasher film Maxxxine, set to capture audience's heart with its mid-1980s Hollywood backdrop and Mia Goth's return.

Published on Jun 22, 2024  |  06:37 PM IST |  57.7K
Maxxxine Trailer (Youtube/A24)

Ti West and A24 surprised horror fans with an unexpected treat on Thursday night: an early screening of their upcoming slasher film, Maxxxine.

The event was originally planned as a double feature showcasing West’s X horror series, which includes X and Pearl. These movies introduced Mia Goth as a rising star in horror cinema.

Ti West and A24 gave a surprise screening of Maxxine


The sold-out evening drew film enthusiasts of all kinds, with some dressing up as characters from the films and others sporting themed T-shirts ranging from X-Men to Rick Dalton from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

During a Q&A session between screenings, moderated by Lily Collins (also starring in Maxxxine), the atmosphere suddenly shifted. Collins asked how many in the audience had seen Pearl, and nearly everyone raised their hands.

She then posed a bold question: since they had all seen Pearl, why not skip it and watch Maxxxine instead? The audience cheered in agreement, though many thought she was joking. When West confirmed saying, “You’re going to be the first to see this movie,” the crowd erupted with excitement, gasps, and cheers, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Before the surprise screening, West discussed his journey directing the trilogy, from filming during the pandemic to the challenges of Mia Goth’s dual role in X.


He also shared anecdotes, including a memorable encounter with eels during a lake scene (which he didn’t tell actor Kid Cudi about). West hinted at the possibility of a future film set between X and Pearl, keeping fans intrigued.

What is the story plot of MaXXXine?

Pearl's backstory as a killer was explored in X, leading into MaXXXine, a sequel set six years later. Maxine survives a terrifying ordeal where her friends are murdered while filming a movie. Despite escaping, she doesn't report the incident to the police.

The film ends with the sheriff finding the crime scene, unaware of the gruesome murders. Maxine's unfinished film footage may have fallen into the wrong hands, hinting at trouble ahead. The trailer for MaXXXine suggests a connection to a real 1980s serial killer known as the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, known for his gruesome crimes.

The X movies have been unexpected successes for A24, praised by critics and horror fans while performing well at the box office. X, released in March 2022, paid homage to 1970s backwoods horror and adult films, exploring themes of aging and beauty. Pearl, a prequel released in September 2022, had the dramatic feel of a Douglas Sirk film, focusing on a woman’s quest for fame.


A24 plans to release Maxxxine on July 5th, promising another thrilling addition to the horror genre.

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