Maya Hawke Opens Up About Her Inside Out 2 Character; Says Anxiety Was ‘Little Voice’ from Her Head

Insides Out 2 brings about various emotions in the form of animated characters, one of which is Anxiety, played by Maya Hawke.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  03:52 PM IST |  47.5K
Maya Hawke about her Inside Out 2 character
Inside Out 2 (YouTube)

While Inside Out 2 is making waves among fans of animated movies, Maya Hawke has come forward to talk about her character in the film. She portrays the orange-colored depiction of the emotion Anxiety.

While all of us experience this feeling, the Maestro actress has shared some insightful updates on how she brought the complex character to life. 

Maya Hawke about her character in Inside Out 2

Fans were elated to watch their emotions come alive on screen in the form of cute, intriguing, and funny animated characters. While the movie introduced a lot of new emotions such as Embarrassment, Envy, and even Ennui, one particular role grabbed everyone's attention.

It was Anxiety, voiced by the talented Maya Hawke.

While opening up about her role, the actress mentioned that it's the "little voice that I hear in my own head."

Hawke further stressed that it was the one voice that usually keeps telling her "to worry if my shoes are wrong or if I’m going to be late to the airport" that helped her portray the character flawlessly.

She continued, saying that she simply "tapped" into the little voice inside her head and "let it come out" in the form of an animated character.

Further discussing how she brought this character of Anxiety to life, the Stranger Things star mentioned that she first saw "the drawing of Anxiety" during her audition process. This was when she decided that she wanted to "play this part."


According to the star, it was the "hand gestures and little movements" that she did during her voiceovers that "made it into the way the character was animated."

While the actress didn't do any external research about anxiety, she simply let her emotions out, which helped her voice the character.

About Inside Out 2

With the massive success of 2015's Inside Out, the Disney Pixar studio has again managed to bring a movie filled with interesting characters that have always existed within us. 

This time the protagonist of the film, Riley has just stepped into her teenage years. The movie centers around the adventures of many emotion-based characters inside Riley’s mind and how she deals with them while also coping with the people around her. 

The idea itself was proven to be a super-intelligent one, as seen in its previous installment. However, according to the director Kelsey Mann, he had to cut a few darker emotions from the initial list of characters, supposed to be featured in the film.


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Who has directed Inside Out 2?
Kelsey Mann is the director of Inside Out 2.

What character does Maya Hawke play in Inside Out 2?
Maya Hawke plays the character of Anxiety in Inside Out 2.

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