'Maybe like an inch or two at best': Tom Holland once addressed his height difference with girlfriend Zendaya while promoting USD 1.9 billion movie

Tom Holland and Zendaya were once caught fearlessly talking about their height difference. Continue reading to know what they had to say!

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Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)
Key Highlight
  • Tom Holland and Zendaya have a two-inch height difference
  • Zendaya stands at around 5'10 while Holland is about 5'8
  • Zendaya's parents also have a notable height difference

Tom Holland and Zendaya once proved and revealed that height difference couldn't hinder their on and off-screen charm. As they readied to encapsulate audiences in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the pair fearlessly embraced their height difference, quelling any doubts that it might dampen their performances as Peter Parker and Mary Jane and about them as couples.

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What triggered Tom Holland to address the height difference with Zendaya?

During the Sirius XM Town Hall event while promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home, which went on to earn $1.9 billion at the box office (The Numbers), there was quite a buzz surrounding an on-screen kiss between Holland and Zendaya. What caught people's attention even more was the noticeable height difference between the two. 

To which Tom Holland reacted by saying, “Not that much taller, let's put this out there. Maybe like an inch or two at best. It's not like, people say like, 'How did you guys kiss? It must have been so difficult'"

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Additionally, Zendaya injected a personal note, sharing that her own mother towered over her father, emphasizing the insignificance of such matters. She revealed, "This is normal, too, my mom is taller than my dad. My mom's taller than everyone."


Tom Holland joined in, recalling auditions for the roles of Peter Parker and Mary Jane. Surprisingly, the actresses auditioning consistently stood taller than Holland. As the event progressed, Holland also encouraged the viewers to embrace authenticity and be unapologetically themselves.

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Bonding beyond differences

Holland and Zendaya’s shared journey has been veiled in a cloak of privacy, as they adeptly sidestep the intrusive glare that frequently accompanies relationships in the public eye. Despite the flurry of engagement speculations towards the end of 2021, both celebrities exhibited a lack of urgency to take the matrimonial path. Instead, their priority remains resolutely centered on fostering their bond and championing each other's career pursuits.

Furthermore, the authentic interactions between Tom and Zendaya appear even more radiant. Celebrating Tom's 27th birthday on June 1, 2023, Zendaya pleasantly surprised fans by posting candid snapshots of him on her Instagram Stories. These intimate glimpses into their beautiful personal life undoubtedly reaffirmed the actors' perspective that height difference is insignificant.

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What are Tom Holland and Zendaya known for?
Tom Holland is known for his portrayal of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Zendaya gained fame through acting, singing, and modeling.

What is Zendaya's full name?
Zendaya's full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman.

Is Zendaya a singer as well?
Yes, Zendaya is also a singer and has released music albums.

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