Mayim Bialik ADMITS she wants to be permanent host of Jeopardy: 'There's no other job I would rather have'

Updated on Sep 23, 2021 01:04 PM IST  |  53.1K
Mayim Bialik just confirmed in an interview that she wants to host ‘Jeopardy!’ full time
It was earlier claimed that Mayim Bialik was the studio's first option for the part on a regular basis

Mayim Bialik confirmed that she hopes to extend her tenure as the permanent full-time host of Jeopardy! beyond the current season. “There’s no other job I would rather have,” the former Big Bang Theory actress told Glamour Magazine in a new interview as per The Hollywood Reporter.

She further said, “I love my sitcom work, I do. I love all the other things I do. I love the podcast. But I absolutely have never had a better job. The use of my brain and my skillset feels best suited by this job on Jeopardy! It is a dream job. I think it’s a dream job for anyone, but especially for someone who is trained first as a performer and then as a science communicator.” However, after a dramatic shake-up that saw newly appointed presenter Mike Richards stepping down after just one day in front of the cameras after a series of scandals, Sony Pictures Television announced last week that Bialik will fill in as the host of Jeopardy! with previous champion Ken Jennings until 2021. 

As per The Hollywood Reporter, it was earlier claimed that Bialik was the studio's first option for the part on a regular basis and that Jennings would fill in while Bialik was shooting her Fox comedy, 'Call Me Kat.' Meanwhile, Mayim Bialik recently also opened up about Mike Richards' exit from Jeopardy. She said, "I didn't immediately know who the other host was going to be, and after Mike Richards was announced as permanent host, a couple more weeks passed and then everything changed and Mike stepped down. "Of course I was in touch with Mike as he was my boss at that time, and I don't wish ill on him, or anyone," she went on. "But the complexity of these situations is not something that can be summed up easily."

However, Bialik also admitted that despite all the hosting turmoil, there was some discomfort working beside Richards while he was still the show's executive producer. “I’m a head down kind of person, meaning I had to continue to work in the capacity that I did until he was no longer the person literally in my ear,” she said.

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