MCU vs DCEU: Which comic book movie franchise is your ultimate favourite? VOTE and COMMENT

Updated on Jun 25, 2021 05:09 PM IST  |  347.1K
There's been a persistent worldwide debate when it comes to who's better; MCU or DCEU?

There's just something delectable for film lovers when it comes to consuming superhero movies, no matter how overrated, been there done that the genre might seem in today's world. As of now, at the top of the mountain, we have two beloved, reigning comic book franchises that are ruling even in Hollywood; Marvel and DC aka MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and DCEU (DC Extended Universe).

When it comes to the MCU, currently in its Phase 4, the more than a decade long journey has been a behemoth success at the box-office with Avengers: Endgame toppling (and eventually placing second after a while) Avatar as the highest-grossing film with a gigantic total global box-office collection of USD 2.797 billion. On the other hand, while DCEU movies have had its fair share of hits and misses, the recent Snyder Cut of Justice League created the right buzz and showcased how much potential this franchise has when placed in the right hands.

What's a major plus point for both franchises is their keen eye on casting. Can you imagine anyone except Robert Downey Jr. or Gal Gadot playing Iron Man and Wonder Woman?! Chris Evans as Captain America and Henry Cavill as Superman is equivalent to chef's kiss in our not so humble opinion. What the talented stars bring to the table with poignant storytelling and thrilling action combine is always a sight to behold on the big screen and exactly why millions and millions from across the globe run to their nearest theatres to witness the superhero spectacles on the big screen. With how tough reality seems, seeing superheroes save the day is always welcome!

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This begs the question; which comic book movie franchise between MCU and DCEU is your ultimate favourite? Vote below and comment your personal pick, especially why you chose one from another, with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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