Meg Bellamy of The Crown Season 6 Reveals Facing Body Shaming For Playing Kate Middleton

Internet trolls did not leave Meg Bellamy alone as she took up the role of Princess Kate Middleton in The Crown Season 6.

Published on Jun 25, 2024  |  03:48 PM IST |  32.1K
Youtube / Netflix
Youtube / Netflix

While Meg Bellamy is only 21 years old, she has been subjected to a severe form of cyberbullying. It's because she portrayed Kate Middleton at the age of 20 during The Crown’s sixth and final season. 

During an interview Bellamy held recently, she spoke about trolls on social media who made hurtful comments about her weight.

The Crown's Meg Bellamy faces bodyshaming and cyberbullying

She looked at her phone after a long day of press and saw so many negative comments about her appearance. Some people commented that she was too fat to play Kate.

What these individuals were saying had no importance. She believed it was essential for herself to move away from such negativity, from those who didn’t deserve any attention.

Bellamy said some comments read: "You’re too fat to play Kate." She further elaborated saying, "That was a glimpse into being a woman in this industry. I thought, ‘OK, that’s a sign to distance yourself, because it doesn’t mean anything. You can’t listen to that sort of stuff.’"

Bellamy also observed that most of the online offenders were men. She said some "men called Gary who are holding a fish in their profile picture" would troll her often. 


On the other hand, despite all this negativity, Bellamy has always remained positive by stating that she has had so many great experiences while filming The Crown Season 6 and "these people are really losers." She is pleased with her life and accomplishments.

Meg Bellamy's preparation for the role of Kate Middleton 

The latest season of The Crown casted Meg Bellamy who played the role of Kate Middleton opposite Ed McVey who played the role of Prince William. It depicted the early stages in her relationship with Prince William during their time spent at University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Bellamy would watch countless hours of footage featuring Middleton in order to prepare for playing the part. This was due to admiration for how graceful and self-confident Middleton seems. For example, Bellamy built a deep emotional bond with Middleton describing her as graceful, lovely and full of self-assurance, according to her interviews. 


She pointed out, "You get this weird parasocial connection. She’s so gracious and wonderful and self-assured. I will always be fond of Kate."

She shared her heartfelt sentiments for the Princess of Wales especially now after her cancer battle. 

The Crown season finale heavily concentrates on the Prince & Princess love story of Wales. However, the Royals have never officially expressed their stance of the portrayal of their family. Though biographer Robert Hardman wrote otherwise in his book stating that the Prince and Princess of Wales were in fact hurt by some of the scenes in the show. Nothing as such has been confirmed.

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