Meghan Markle remembers her last days as a working royal, writes affectionate letter to UK school she visited

Updated on Mar 13, 2021 01:23 PM IST  |  161.5K
Meghan Markle remembers her last days as a working royal, writes affectionate letter to UK school she visited.

It has been over a year since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped back as senior working members of the royal family. While the royal family have stated that the couple won't be returning, Meghan recently remembered her last working days as a royal. The Duchess of Sussex wrote a letter to the UK school she had visited in March 2020 which were also her final few days as a working royal.  

In the letter, Meghan recalled the amazing time she had as she celebrated Women's Day with school students, teachers and professionals. “It was this time a year ago that I had the pleasure of meeting so many of you during my visit to celebrate International Women’s Day and mark the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. I look back on that day with such fond memories, and think of you all frequently, especially recognizing how difficult it’s been for students and families during the past year,” she wrote. 

The letter was written on a letterhead of the Archewell Foundation and was shared by Robert Clack School on Twitter. It further read, "This International Women’s Day, in collaboration with the work of our non-profit organization, Archewell Foundation, we are encouraging everybody to participate in real acts of compassion for the women in their lives and their community. One suggestion we have is to take a moment to learn about the trailblazing women who came before us. I’ve spent time recently thinking about Geraldine Dear, who joined us last year and is such an inspiration to all of us. Without women like Geraldine, who formed part of the original group of women advocating for equal pay, so much of what we do now wouldn’t be possible.”

Meghan signed off the letter and at the end adorably wrote, "P.S. I still have the Debate Society team jacket you gave me with me here in California and wear it often. Thank you again for thinking of me!" Take a look: 

Meghan and Harry's recent revelations in Oprah's interview has given a deep insight into why the couple took this major step of leaving their royal life in the UK. 

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Anonymous : The insincere gasp look on Ophrah's face when Markle says the commented about the baby's skin color. Puke. That was the look of, "This will be grrrreat for ratings!!!" Wow, Harry chose the 100% wrong woman to marry. Yikes.
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Anonymous : One minute Megan is this independent woman, with a career, well travelled, studied international relations, did humanitarian work, had her own successful lifestyle blog, - next minute (whenever she speaks of her time as a royal) she’s this ingenue, naïve, didn’t know, didn’t google, didn’t research about Harry and Royals couldn’t get help or help herself despite having access to spectacular resources and multitude of privileges. “Right?!” (as she often ends her sentences).
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Anonymous : Two clowns. No one is interested about them in the UK. America take note.
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Anonymous : A strong woman...not afraid to speak up is generally ridiculed... unfortunately by women as well!
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Anonymous : what a drama queen!
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