Meghan Markle’s friends come out in defence post malicious claims of her bullying royal staffers

Amidst rumours of Meghan Markle bullying royal staff members, the Duchess’ friends are speaking out and defending the former royal from the allegations.
Meghan Markle’s friends come out in defence post malicious claims of her bullying royal staffers
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The rumours of Meghan Markle bullying palace staffers has shaken fans and royal watchers alike. After reports surfaced yesterday that the Duchess bullied her staff, her friends of Duchess Markle are speaking out. “Harry and Meghan knew that it would get ugly in the run up [to the Oprah special], but seeing such an obvious attempt at destroying her character was distressing and upsetting,” a friend of the couple told Harper’s Bazaar.


A close friend of Meghan, who chose to speak on the condition of anonymity, added, “I hate to say it, but find me a woman of colour in a senior position who has not been accused of being too angry, too scary, too whatever in the workplace. It’s sad that it’s happening, but I’m not surprised. These claims are so far from the woman I know.”


The alleged complaint was filed in October 2018 by Meghan and her husband Prince Harry‘s former communications secretary Jason Knauf and stated that two personal assistants were driven out of the household and undermined the confidence of a third staff member. Another friend who says they’ve known Meghan for 10 years added, “I know that Meg would feel awful if she knew that someone felt that way about working with her, but I also know that no one ever approached her about anything like this at all during that time. I have never known her to be anything but kind and considerate to her friends and colleagues.” Another friend said, “They have had everything and the kitchen sink thrown at them this week, but ultimately nothing will stop them from sharing their truth.”


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