Meghan Markle ‘wishes she could have flown to the UK to support Prince Harry’ despite tension between families

An insider close to Meghan Markle recently revealed that the heavily pregnant Duchess is bummed out to not be by husband Prince Harry’s side in the UK as he attends Prince Philip’s funeral.
Meghan Markle ‘wishes she could have flown to UK to support Prince Harry Meghan Markle ‘wishes she could have flown to the UK to support Prince Harry’ despite tension between families
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After Prince Philip’s passing, the royal family has been all over the new for a multitude of reasons. In the past week, all senior royals wrote heartfelt notes to the late Duke, Prince Harry returned to the UK for the first time since Megxit without Meghan Markle, The Queen had her first public engagement since the tragic passing and much more. Now, to add to the drama, a source recently spoke out about how Duchess Meghan feels about having to miss the funeral as well as what kind of terms they’re on with their family.


If you don’t know, Meghan Markle couldn’t accompany Prince Harry to the UK as she is heavily pregnant and expecting her second child this summer. Meanwhile, Prince Harry is with the royals in the UK, missing his pregnant wife and staying at Frogmore cottage, the couple’s former home. 


The source close to Meghan recently told E! News that “Meghan wishes she could have flown to the U.K. to support her husband but has been advised not to due to her pregnancy.” “She would have put all the family tension aside to be there with Harry…[they]are still not on amazing terms with the family.” If you don’t know, tension is possibly high due to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s bombshell interview with Oprah where the duo detailed their stepdown from the royal duties and why they were compelled to leave Britain as well as take a step back from the royal family as well as their duties. 


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Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Honestly we all know this is not true plus it would have been uncomfortable for everyone. To do an interview while the prince was dying. Plus to do any interview appears for fame. I don’t think she wants to be there plus very uncomfortable if she was

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

Support Harry? Did not you already do enough to cut him off from his own family? If you can not respect the living people and family, do not put up an act respecting the respectable one who has left for another journey.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

How would you like to define the amazing terms?