Melinda Gates was reportedly 'aware' of Bill Gates' alleged conduct issues at Microsoft

Updated on May 20, 2021 09:46 AM IST  |  533.7K
Report claims Melinda Gates knew of Bill Gates' issues at Microsoft
Melinda Gates reportedly knew about Bill Gates' Microsoft issues

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates' divorce announcement shocked the philanthropic and business world but it seems it was only the beginning. The high-profile divorce has now led to a string of speculations regarding the reason for their separation. Recently, reports suggested that Gates was involved in an affair with a Microsoft employee almost 20 years ago. There have also been claims about Bill's conduct at Microsoft that have been drawing attention. 

A recent report by People now states that Melinda was apparently aware of Bill's indiscretions at Microsoft. A source close to her informed People saying, "Melinda was aware there were some issues, but it's unclear if she knew about all of it." It all started with a recent New York Times report alleging that the billionaire Microsoft co-founder had a reputation for pursuing women who worked at the company. 

As per the People report, the source admitted to having known about actions being taken by the company on account of Bill's behavior. "There definitely were steps taken along the way with Microsoft at various times based on his behavior", said the source, via People.

After the NYT report discussing Bill's conduct at Microsoft was reported,  the billionaire's spokesperson denied all claims against him saying, "the claim of mistreatment of employees." 

Bill and Melinda decided to split after 27 years of marriage and have maintained that they will continue to work together for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Neither of the duo have made any public statements relating to speculations surrounding the reasons for the breakdown of their marriage. 

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