Melissa Benoist OPENS UP on one thing she won't miss about filming Supergirl

Updated on Oct 08, 2021 02:23 PM IST  |  37.9K
Melissa Benoist will not miss one thing about filming the series
The spin-off series, Superman and Lois, has just recently begun

With Supergirl wrapping up after this season, actress Melissa Benoist will not miss one thing about filming the series: flying. Since the beginning, the long-running series has been a fan favourite, and the series' conclusion will surely be sad for everyone involved. But, at least for Benoist, the end will bring some relief.

Benoist recently revealed the one thing she would miss most about Supergirl on Jimmy Kimmel Live via The Screen Rant. Particularly, flying. “I have to say, I don’t know if I’ll miss flying. Because it hurt my body so much!” the actress stated. When Kimmel asked if the technology had improved at all over the years, Benoist replied “I don’t think so. I think — someone told me, I think it’s been the same since Christopher Reeves did it. Just wires and like, a harness that’s like a diaper and doing [the pose].”

However, flying is one of the most well-known abilities of both Supergirl and Superman, thus any live-action version would be incomplete without showing them in the skies. Her statement that she was still doing flying stunts the same manner they did in the 1970s for the Superman movies is intriguing. It demonstrates the work that went into producing a Supergirl effect that appears as genuine as possible, especially having Benoist actually perform the motions rather than just having a CG Supergirl on screen.

Meanwhile, with Supergirl wrapping off this season, viewers are unlikely to see Benoist fly anytime soon. However, the spin-off series, Superman and Lois, has just recently begun, and it will be fascinating to see how Tyler Hoechlin adapts to the flying work.

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