Michael B. Jordan on girlfriend Lori Harvey: A nice smile, a laugh and a sense of humour is really sexy to me

Michael B. Jordan talks about the sexiest thing that appeals to him about his loving girlfriend Lori Harvey, which is her sense of humour.
Michael B. Jordan thinks girlfriend Lori Harvey is very funny he sexiest thing that appeals to Michael B. Jordan is his girlfriend Lori Harvey's sense of humour.
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In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Michael B. Jordan opens up about what quality of his loving girlfriend Lori Harvey appeals to him the most. This is also a fact that not many people know about given how the couple is mostly private, except for a few occasional Instagram PDA."I think a sense of humour, I think the ability to laugh -- that infectious feeling, I think is really, really sexy," he revealed. "A nice smile and a laugh and a sense of humour is really sexy to me." "[Harvey has] all of those things. Yeah, she's very funny. A lot of people don't know that about her," Jordan added. "She's very funny."

The actor was first spotted with Lori Harvey in November before they made their relationship public via Instagram in January. According to ET, shortly after posting pictures with each other on social media, a source said that Jordan and Harvey had been dating for several months after a year's long friendship.

Interestingly, Michael and Lori got serious about their relationship at its early stages. A source informed People that it's obvious they don't want to be apart. The source further said that when they don't travel together, Lori spends a considerable amount of time with Michael in LA. According to TMZ, Jordan and Harvey were seen travelling together during Thanksgiving 2020. Shortly after their debut on Instagram in late January, according to ET, the couple were being extremely serious about their relationship as they met each other's family.

In addition to a sense of humour, Harvey is also a critique of Jordan's projects like Tom Clancy's Without Remorse. The action-thriller is a spin-off of Jack Ryan. Jordan plays the role of John Clark, a Navy SEAL who unveils an international conspiracy while seeking justice for the murder of his pregnant wife.

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