Michelle Obama says she's 'Netflix and Chilling' during the social distancing phase amid Coronavirus outbreak

Michelle Obama reveals she chooses to 'Netflix and Chill' during her social distancing phase and this is all of us right now.
Michelle Obama says she's 'Netflix and Chilling' during the social distancing phase amid Coronavirus outbreak
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Its 'Netflix and Chill' time for Michelle Obama as the Former First Lady of the United States is also confined within her home owing to the Coronavirus pandemic across the globe. While most of us are wondering what to do at home all day long, Michelle Obama seems to have made peace with staying indoors and she's loving her time at home. In a telephonic conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama opened up on what she’s been filling up her days with during this social distancing phase.

Michelle Obama said that she's thankful for her family and health during this time. "Ya know, we're just trying to, like, structure our days. I mean, everybody’s home. The girls are back because colleges are now online. So they’re off in their respective rooms doing their online classes. "We’re just trying to just keep a routine going. But we also got a little Netflix and chilling happening", she told Ellen as she spoke to her over a call. High schools have been closed till further notice and colleges have started online classes for the students, hence, Michelle's daughters Malia and Sasha are back home in the states and seems like they're having a Netflix party at home to kill their boredom during self-quarantine.

Talking about the infectious disease that has spread across nations like wildfire, the Government is taking several measures for its control and prevention. Meanwhile, Michelle addressed the same issue and stressed upon public health stating "Be grateful for what you have and be ready to share it when the time comes. Because that’s really what it’s all about." Michelle believes that being healthy during this pandemic is the luckiest thing to have. "Now we’re just happy that we’re together and everybody is healthy and safe — who cares about the other stuff?” she retorts. Former President of U.S.A Barak Obama's wife Michelle Obama also reposted the video of her conversation with Ellen. "Always brightens my day to get a call from my friend Ellen, especially on this rainy Monday at home. It’s good to know that even when we’re apart, we’ve still got each other. #StayAtHome", she Tweeted.

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