Miley Cyrus thanks Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner for naming daughter after Hannah Montana with a flower arrangement

On Hannah Montana's 15th anniversary, Miley Cyrus surprised Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner by gifting them a customised flower arrangement and hilariously thanking them for naming their daughter Willa Jonas after her iconic alter-ego.
Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were ecstatic to receive Miley Cyrus' 'Hannah Montana' gift. Miley Cyrus thanks Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner for naming daughter after Hannah Montana with a flower arrangement
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While we're still crying over Miley Cyrus' heartwarming love letter to Hannah Montana on the iconic Disney show's 15th anniversary, which was on March 24, the 28-year-old singer is also partaking in a special gesture to commemorate the occasion with some loved ones. Miley's parents Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus along with castmates Emily Osment and Vicki Lawrence and Migos' Quavo received a customised flower arrangement made in the shape of a huge star with Hannah Montana's trademark purple, yellow and pink colours in tow and/or a flower bouquet, again customised in unique 'Hannah Montana' style.

A popular celebrity couple who is also getting some major 'Hannah Montana' love from Cyrus is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. Taking to their Instagram Stories, Jophie shared their excitement over receiving Miley's carefully curated flower arrangement. With Hannah Montana's famous tune The Best of Both Worlds playing as the background score and a close-up focus video of the precious gift, Joe ecstatically wrote, "HOLY HANNAH MONTANA!!! THANK YOU @mileycyrus WE LOVE IT! THIS IS EPIC!!" On the other hand, Sophie shared her hubby dearest's IG story and enthusiastically wrote, "@MILEYCYRUS THANK U HANNAH WE *purple heart emoticon* U."

But, that's not all! Miley even penned a witty handwritten note to the couple and their daughter Willa Jonas. "To Joe & Sophie! It was so sweet of you to name your daughter after me! Sending all my love to little miss Hannah Montana! Love, Hannah Montana," The Climb singer quipped in the letter as a special message from Hannah Montana to "little miss Hannah Montana" baby Willa.

Check out Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's IG Stories thanking Miley Cyrus for their gifts along with other celebrities flaunting the flowers below:

This is a friendship we can totally get behind!

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For the unversed, Miley has a close association with the Jonas Brothers as she dated Nick Jonas during their Disney days. Moreover, the Jo Bros (including Kevin Jonas) also had a memorable special appearance in a Hannah Montana episode.