“Miracle That I Still Have Confidence”: Kylie Jenner Admits Hearing 'Nasty Things' About Her Looks Is 'Exhausting'

Kylie Jenner shares how hard it is to handle criticism about her appearance, saying it really hurts her self-esteem. Read on to learn more.

Updated on Jun 22, 2024  |  08:31 PM IST |  85.9K
Kylie Jenner (Image via Instagram)

The 26-year-old Kylie Jenner opened up about the ongoing criticism she has received for her appearance and purported plastic surgery in a recent episode of Hulu's The Kardashians. In a heartfelt conversation with her sister Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, the businesswoman behind Kylie Cosmetics, expressed her surprise at her sister's persistent confidence. 

She highlighted how challenging it had been to keep confidence and think of herself as attractive in the face of intense public scrutiny, acknowledging that the experience felt like a miracle.

Reflecting on hurtful comments and self-confidence

Jenner thought back on the incident and questioned why people believed it was appropriate to say hurtful things in that specific situation. She was amazed at her ability to look in the mirror with confidence and see herself as beautiful.

She went on to describe her experience at Paris Fashion Week in September 2023. Jenner explained how, despite her conscious decision to go for a more natural look by wearing minimal makeup to events, she faced constant criticism and scrutiny.

Kylie expressed frustration, pointing out that both she and the other person were wearing too much makeup. She then described a time when she chose to wear minimal makeup, only to become self-conscious when she noticed someone giving her an odd look. The mother of two pointed to her cheeks, which had prominent lines, and said she'd had them since she was 13, tracing their origins back to her childhood.


In an open discussion, Kylie revealed that although the particular incident didn't hurt her particularly, she frequently heard negative remarks about herself. She confided in a producer, stating that, particularly after being in the spotlight for more than ten years, it was draining to hear such negativity all the time.

Reflections on public perception

During an introspective moment in the episode, Kylie expressed her confusion about the way society tolerates cruelty, particularly when it comes to celebrities like them. "Why is it okay to treat us this way?" she wondered out loud. People seem to forget that we are also human."

Kendall's response was a mixture of defiance and resignation, shaped by their family's experiences. She said that the public believes they have lost their humanity and that it is a common occurrence in their family.

She went on to say that those people do not believe in feelings and that people would never stop defending her if they talked about any other woman the way they talk about their family. However, it appears that people do not believe they are emotionally capable of handling them.


Her statements reflected the family's displeasure with being dehumanized, as well as the frequent lack of compassion shown to them in public.

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