Moby says 'no good way to answer' when asked about Natalie Portman dating controversy

Moby spoke about Natalie Portman dating controversy that arose in 2019 after the release of his book and said there's no good way to talk about it.
Moby opens up on Natalie Portman dating controversy in new interview Moby says 'no good way to answer' when asked about Natalie Portman dating controversy
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In 2019, Moby's memoir Then It Fell Apart created controversy on account of one of its excerpts where the musician claimed to have dated Natalie Portman. The book mentioned Moby taking the actor for a drink and also kissing her while visiting her at Harvard. Not long after Moby's book came out, Portman refuted the musician's claims of dating her and also referred to him as "much older man being creepy" whilst disputing his account. In a recent interview with Guardian, the musician once again addressed the dating controversy and had a rather vague answer. 

When asked about the whole controversy that arose following Portman's comments,  Moby told Guardian, "You know, you’re asking me to open up such a can of worms…There’s no good way to answer: one option is terrible, the other is really terrible." The musician further tried to dodge the question by saying, "So if we were playing chess right now, this is the part where I’d pick up my phone and pretend I’ve got an emergency call." 

Moby is also known to have apologised to Natalie and other people he mentioned in his book because he wrote, "without telling them beforehand." The musician also mentioned that in hindsight, he feels he should not have written that book. 

After his book, the musician is now set to release a documentary titled Moby Doc which will talk about his struggle with addiction and depression. He is also releasing a new album titled m Reprise, which will consist of some of his old hits reprised in a new orchestral setting.

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