Morbius Trailer: Jared Leto breaks away from Joker and enters the Spider Man universe

Morbius trailer released this week. The movie sees Jared Leto leave Joker beside and transform into a living vampire to enter the Spider-Man universe.
Morbius Trailer: Jared Leto breaks away from Joker and enters the Spider Man universe
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While we wait for an update on his Joker, Jared Leto has stepped into the shoes of Morbius. The actor is exploring the Marvel comic book character on the big screen and we have the first Morbius trailer in our hand. Leto channels his gothic roots to pump life into the anti-hero. Morbius, who doesn't have any connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, tells the tale of Spider-Man's foe like Sony did with Tom Hardy's Venom. The trailer sees Leto go under the skin of the Living Vampire and Morbius trailer gives a good look at it.

The trailer introduces Morbius OG ego Dr. Michael Morbius, a Nobel Prize-winning doctor who has been diagnosed with a rare blood condition. Trying to decode a possible cure for it, he comes across an illegal cure that could help him save his life. The trailer watches Leto transform from the ailing doctor to the Living Vampire. 

The trailer, like the Venom trailer, gives only a glimpse of Dr. Michael Morbius' alter ego. Leto heavily-covered in makeup and visual effects, taking your mind away from his DC supervillain Joker. 

Check out the trailer below: 

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Apart from Jared Leto, Morbius stars Adria Arjona as Morbius' fiancee; Matt Smith as Loxias Crown, Morbius' friend who is suffering from the same blood disease; Tyrese Gibson as FBI agent Simon Stroud; and Jared Harris who is seen as Morbius' mentor. The movie is set to release this summer. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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