'Most Creatively Fulfilling Experience': Mia Goth Opens Up About Playing Maxine Minx In Ti West’s MaXXXine

Mia Goth recently revealed that playing the characters Maxine Minx and Pearl in director Ti West's horror X film trilogy has been the most "creatively fulfilling" experience of her life.

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Mia Goth (Image via YouTube/A24)
Mia Goth (Image via YouTube/A24)

Mia Goth returned to play the character of Maxine Minx alongside her co-star Halsey(Tabby Martin) in the third and final film in the director Ti West‘s horror X film trilogy. Goth appeared in both previous sequels, X and Pearl (2022). She recently shared her experience playing this fascinating role in MaXXXine, noting that it has been the most "creatively fulfilling experience" of her life. Read on further to know more details!

Mia Goth reveals her experience playing the role of Maxine Minx in MaXXXine

In an interview with Time magazine, Mia Goth opened up about playing the roles of Maxine Minx and Pearl in Ti's West Horror X film trilogy. Goth revealed that playing these "fearless" characters (Pearl and Maxine) has been the most "creatively fulfilling experience" of her life.

She said that one of many reasons it’s been such a "gift" that she is "blessed" to play these roles is because the characters are brave and make their own choices, noting that they are "fearless and have such agency.”

The latest sequel, MaXXXine, follows Maxine, the lone survivor of a brutal Texas ranch attack from the original movie (X ), who moves to Los Angeles in the 1980s to pursue her Hollywood dreams. As she navigates the industry, Maxine confronts her past while a night stalker terrorizes the town.

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Ti West reflects on making his latest film, MaXXXine


In a recent interview with ComicBook, Ti West revealed his experience making the final film in his critically acclaimed horror X film trilogy.

West told the outlet how making MaXXXine, the third movie in the trilogy, was "very different" because people knew it was coming and had high expectations. He said everyone was putting out information about "who was in the movie" and what it might be about.

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The director mentioned that there was a bit more "pressure" while making this movie,  unlike the first two movies. He said the scope of this film was much "bigger," and he was trying to deliver something the other two films "didn't have, so it was hard-earned in that way, but worth it."

Ti West's MaXXXine is scheduled to hit theaters on July 5, 2024. The film stars Michelle Monaghan, Halsey, Moses Sumney, Mia Goth, Lily Collins, Kevin Bacon, and Elizabeth Debicki, among other actors.

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