Motherless Brooklyn star Edward Norton REVEALS why Fight Club bombed at the box office

Edward Norton, who starred alongside Brad Pitt in David Fincher's directorial Fight Club, spoke candidly about why the film bombed at the box-office when it initially released in 1999. Read below to know what Edward had to say on the same.
In spite of bombing at the box-office, Fight Club has now achieved cult status.In spite of bombing at the box-office, Fight Club has now achieved cult status.
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In 1999, we had two Hollywood breakout stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton star in a David Fincher directorial, that would go on to define an entire generation! However, when it was first released, Fight Club tragically bombed at the box-office and was viciously panned by well-renowned critics. But, thanks to a DVD release, Fight Club achieved cult status and is talked about even twenty years later, since the movie first released. It's a film that is still synonymously attached to both Brad and Edward's illustrious career.

But, one wonders why the cult classic bombed when it first released in theatres to which Edward Norton had an interesting answer to give. While speaking to People TV, the Oscar-nominated actor blamed the marketing team of Fight Club for their reluctance to accept such a film. "I think there was a reluctance on the part of some of the people who were actually marketing it, to embrace the idea that it was funny, and honestly I think they felt indicted by it," Norton shared and added, "I think if you felt more like the guy who plays my boss in the film, then you tended to not like the film. But also, it just was a tough one to distill."

In spite of Fight Club not being a box-office success, it's the relationships formed during the making of the film that Edward will truly cherish. For the 50-year-old actor, the experience of Fight Club was very "interesting" as they all loved it and were very confident of the film, which is why they felt a "little stung" by the response.

"You can never completely detach your ego to how does it do when it first opens, but then we all had the very special experience of realizing that the relationship it formed with people was everything you dream of when you get into films," Norton shared of his equation with both Pitt and Fincher.

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Meanwhile, Edward Norton's latest outing was Motherless Brooklyn, which he starred in as well as wrote, directed and co-produced. Motherless Brooklyn, which also starred Bruce Willis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Bobby Cannavale, Cherry Jones, Alec Baldwin and Willem Dafoe, released in India on November 15, 2019.

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