‘My Eye Bulged Out’: Jeremy Renner Recalls His Skull Injury During Snowplow Accident; DEETS Here

The Marvel star, Jeremy Renner, details his injuries during a Snowplow accident. Renner talks to Men’s Health magazine about getting back on his feet.

Published on Jun 26, 2024  |  01:37 AM IST |  41.1K
Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye via Marvel Entertainment YouTube

The Avengers star Jeremy Renner recalls being badly injured during the Snowplow accident. In conversation with Men’s Health Magazine, the actor shared the details of the accident and how he came back stronger. On January 1st, 2023, the actor fell victim to the incident, which left him in the hospital for nearly 12 days. 

Renner had multiple fractures in his body, including a cracked skull and a broken cheekbone. The actor claimed that his eyeballs bulged out to the extent that he could see his left eyeball with his right eye. 

What did Jeremy Renner say about his injuries from the snowplow accident?

In the interview with the magazine, Renner revealed that he remembered his head cracking and his eye socket being broken, too, after being run over by the machine. The actor recalled, “I remember my head cracking on the thing, and it just pressing on me—it’s exactly like you think it would feel. An immovable object and a crushing force, and something’s gotta give.” 

He further claimed that he was grateful that his skull was not completely crushed into pieces. Renner added, “But thank God my skull didn’t fully give. And then it kept going. My cheekbone broke, my eye socket broke, and then, from the crushing of getting run over by the machine, my eye bulged out. I could see my left eyeball with my right eyeball. I was screaming for a breath.”


The Marvel star revealed that he was trying to catch a breath with every ounce of energy left in him. After the first five minutes, trying to catch a breath, the actor said that he got really tired and his body began to cramp up. 

Renner added, “But with the exhaustion, there was almost peace. The EMTs arrived, and I thought, I have to give my body up to them because I’m cooked. I’m not getting up. These aren’t just cramps. I’m not gonna walk back down the driveway to see my family.”


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Jeremy Renner’s recovery process

The snowplow accident left the Avengers actor with more than 38 broken bones. While the actor is healthier than last year, he is still in the recovery process. Being hopeful about getting better, Renner said, “I have to get better than I was today. That’s all that f—ing matters. I’m not setting a high bar here.” 


Moreover, the actor claimed that he is extremely grateful to his life for being able to walk and stand upright. Renner is also looking forward to a healthier lifestyle by cutting down on fat and oils in his diet.


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