'My husband likes to look at him': When Amy Adams aka Lois Lane revealed how her 'creepy' family objectified Henry Cavill

Amy Adams playfully opened up about her family's crush on Henry Cavill during the filming of 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.'

Published on Sep 30, 2023   |  03:18 PM IST  |  133K
Henry Cavill (IMDb)
Henry Cavill (IMDb)
Key Highlight
  • Amy Adams shared her family's fascination with her co-star, Henry Cavill
  • Amy Adams playfully admitted to objectifying Henry during the film

In a throwback to 2016, we revisit a candid interview with Amy Adams, known for her portrayal of Lois Lane, in which she shared amusing insights into her family's fascination with her co-star, Henry Cavill. This charming anecdote provides a glimpse into the lighter moments that transpired behind the scenes during the making of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."

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A familiar 'objectification'

Amy Adams playfully admitted to "objectifying poor Henry" during the course of their collaboration on the film. She even found herself apologizing to him at one point, assuring him that she wasn't as "pervy" as it may have seemed. The candid revelation extends to her family as well, with her husband and daughter joining in on the fun. Amy humorously quips, "My husband likes to look at him, our daughter likes to look at him… We’re just a creepy family." This shared admiration for Henry Cavill's appearance brought a unique and light-hearted dimension to their professional relationship.

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Henry Cavill (Instagram)

Humor on the set of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Amy Adams also shares a behind-the-scenes anecdote about working alongside the handsome actor. She humorously recalls moments when, in between takes, they would jokingly request Cavill to don a robe, providing some comic relief and levity on set. These interactions highlight the fun and camaraderie that existed among the cast while filming, emphasizing that their admiration for Cavill was all in good spirits. "In between shots it was like, 'Put on a robe please, and make everyone feel less bad about themselves!'" Adam joked.


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The playful banter and shared appreciation for Henry Cavill's looks added a touch of humor to the working environment, reminding us that even in the world of superheroes, actors are not immune to friendly teasing and affectionate admiration.

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