Never Been Kissed co stars Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba REUNITE to reminisce about the teen hit; Watch

Never Been Kissed co-stars Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba recently had a virtual reunion on Drew’s talk show and the duo reminisced about their teen-hit 1999 film. Read ahead to see what they said.
Never Been Kissed co stars Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba REUNITENever Been Kissed co stars Drew Barrymore & Jessica Alba REUNITE to reminisce about the teen hit; Watch
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Drew Barrymore recently had a virtual reunion with her Never Been Kissed co-star Jessica Alba where they reminisced about making the movie over 20 years ago. “It’s been almost 22 years. I think it has been 22 years since Never Been Kissed,” Drew mentioned on her talk show this week. Jessica added, “Yeah, isn’t that a trip? I had my 17th birthday on the set…you popped so many actors as well.”


“It felt like camp but you also really took so many people under your wing and guided them. A lot of us were just starting out and you set the stage I would say for us and gave us a platform to be successful, so thank you,” she continued, expressing her gratitude to Drew for her guidance then.


Watch their full chat below:


The conversation then turned to Jessica‘s Honest Company and how it really spawned from Drew‘s advice she gave while filming the 1999 movie. “Holy cow did you just come out of the gate swinging, there are so many things to talk about with you,” Drew told Jessica. “What happened, I mean one day there is no Honest Company and the next day there is an Honest Company. What were the steps? Because you just were a game-changer.”


“I guess, I really just saw an opportunity to do it better than what everyone else was doing,” Jessica admitted. “When I am thinking of the environment around me and my family, when I am thinking of everything I am putting on my skin I just want to have the healthiest, best, most transparent ingredients.” She added, “I just felt like you shouldn’t have to compromise your health in order to have something that really worked and it shouldn’t break the bank. It shouldn’t be too expensive and so that is what The Honest Company is.”


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