Niall Horan pokes fun at One Direction merchandise featuring Zayn Malik, Harry Styles' faces

Niall Horan joined James Corden on a special segment of Carpool Karaoke. During the segment, the former One Direction singer reflected on the time the band was together and a few bizarre One Direction merchandise.
Niall Horan pokes fun at One Direction merchandise featuring Zayn Malik, Harry Styles' faces Niall Horan pokes fun at One Direction merchandise featuring Zayn Malik, Harry Styles' faces
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Niall Horan hopped into James Corden's car for Carpool Karaoke segment. The former One Direction singer joined the Late Late Night Show with James Corden ahead the release of new album Heartbreak Weather. While the duo obviously spoke about his music, it is difficult to have an episode featuring a former 1D member and not talk about the band. In the musical segment, Corden brought up the band a couple of times. While he refrained from discussing the band members aka Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson, he spoke about the merchandises.

James teased the singer about his "favourite" merchandise. The late-night show host surprised the 26-year-old pop singer with a One Direction themed-toothpaste. The bottle features all the band members' faces on it. "I actually brush my teeth with that every day," James joked. "I've got 17 fillings." Niall chimed in, "More sugar in that than a can of Coke," Niall added. 

While the jokes continued, Niall revealed that North West was a huge fan of One Direction. Niall informed Corden that he ran into the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her daughter during an Ariana Grande concert. During their meet, Kim introduced Niall as the "guy who sings from your toothbrush".

"We were in the green room and Kim Kardashian pops in to see Ariana and she was with her little girl North. And then, how Kim described me to North was, ‘He's…this is Niall. He's the guy who sings from your toothbrush," he revealed. 

Reminiscing about the days that the band was together, Niall confessed he felt lucky to be a part of One Direction. "Having looked at 1D from the outside now, I got to see, like, how big it was. Cause when you were in the band, your work just becomes a bit normal and, like, you're in a little bubble and you don't get to see what it looks like from the outside. So, looking back now, I realize how lucky we were. Like, there was no one doing stadiums at the time. It's just insane," he said. 

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I was hoping he was going to be making fun of Zayn why i clicked this article.

Did zayn Malik forget to perform the songs from international viewers everyone really love his music how much he spend some money for the tickets that he's performing

niall please get over ur feelings with zayn, please move forward.

This link is just clickbait. He didn't even mention none of the other members.

Its not about moving on... It is actually about the moments they used to have when they were all together.. And we all as directioners can never forget it!

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