Nick Jonas has more of THESE as compared to Priyanka Chopra, confirms Joe Jonas; Find Out

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas spilled the beans on each other's lives. During the course, we learned about Joe's bachelor party, Kevin's dirty secrets and Nick's massive (spoiler) collection.
Nick Jonas has more of THESE as compared to Priyanka Chopra, confirms Joe Jonas; Find OutNick Jonas has more of THESE as compared to Priyanka Chopra, confirms Joe Jonas; Find Out
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As though we aren't getting enough of the Jonas Brothers via their documentary Chasing Happiness, Kevin, Joe and Nick are going about spilling the beans on each other during the promotional spree. The Jonas Brothers have been seen on several talk shows and revealing interesting insights into each other's personal lives. The trio recently appeared on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and shared details about Nick and his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas. Nope, this time they did not speak about the wedding. Instead, Kevin and Joe spoke about his obsessions. 

The singers were pooled into playing a game titled "Know Your Bro." It was during the segment that Jimmy asked Joe and Kevin what they feel Nick would say is the thing the other Jonas Brothers would be jealous of him for. Joe and Kevin began listing a few things before they agreed that Nick would say the other Jonas Brothers would be jealous of his shoe collection. 

He said that the 26-year-old has an "amazing" shoe collection. “If you go visit his house, it’s like closets filled,” Kevin added.

“He has more shoes than Priyanka, I’m pretty sure,” Joe added.

Check out the video below: 

Meanwhile, Nick and Kevin revealed spilled the beans on the wildest thing that happened at Joe's bachelor party. Nick revealed, "We had the cops on the first night called on us three times. Joe ripped off his shirt in a night club and proceeded to rip off two of his friends’ shirts. He took the cardboard box for 1942 the tequila and somehow cut it into a bandana, it just said ‘1942’ across his forehead and he wore that on a boat all day long." 

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We wish we were invited to that party! Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 


Why do they get pics clicked while look at each other or smiling at each other all the time . Which couple smiles 24 hours ?

Fake couples who only get married to fool people and to promote each other because their career is at an end.

I think Nick's career is going strong, he's still famous. Maybe he got more famous in India because of his marriage but people who had watched disney still knows him without linking his marriage. I personally was a fan of his band and their disney show back when i was still a kid. Even after breaking up of band, he released two albums which got popular at that time. I mean Nick was famous from the start when he was still a teen.

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Hot and well dressed couple. Nick and Priyanka are stunning

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This promoting each other is so fake! Confirms the contract marriage of PissCee and NickGayJonas.

People in a healthy relationship talk about each other. Cheaters like SRGay stop talking, posting pics and even wearing their wedding ring. I know you’re bitter about Gauri having a shit husband but get over it.

You should get over the still ongoing SRK/Choppes affair, loser...haha

No they’re not. SRK is too old, ugly and flop. Stop trying to connect that irrelevant buddha to Priyanka!

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