Nicki Minaj CLAIMS The White House has invited her to discuss side effects of COVID-19 vaccines; Read tweet

Published on Sep 16, 2021 10:21 PM IST  |  55.1K
Nicki Minaj says that she has been invited to The White House.
Nicki Minaj has claimed to have been invited to The White House due to her tweets on COVID-19 vaccination.

Nicki Minaj has recently taken to her social media platform to discuss the possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine stating that she hasn’t taken any yet because she is still educating herself on them. Minaj has also claimed that after her tweets, The White House has called her in to discuss the possible effects of the vaccines.

When a fan urged Nicki to speak at the United Nations, Minaj said that she has already been invited by The White House officials which she thinks is a “step in the right direction.” Revealing her dress code for the occasion, Minaj said that she would be wearing “all pink like Legally Blonde.” “I’ll ask questions on behalf of the people who have been made fun of for simply being human,” Minaj penned, referring to her constant Twitter brawls with big names from the industry, including Jimmy Kimmel and Piers Morgan.

Read Nicki Minaj’s tweet:

For the unversed, Minaj had previously taken to her social media platform to let her fans know that she wouldn’t be attending the MET Gala 2021 which required all their guests to be fully vaccinated against the virus. Minaj had then mentioned that she was trying to educate herself on the vaccines, and hence needed time to get vaccinated. She had also claimed that her cousin in Trinidad didn’t take the vaccine due to their friend receiving it and being “impotent.” Twitterati went crazy over her claim and Nicki had her own answers for every question thrown at her by social media users.

Since then, Minaj has been making headlines with the likes of Boris Johnson and Piers Morgan claiming that she has been spreading misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. It would be interesting to note whether Nicki actually visits The White House as she has claimed in one of her tweets.

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