Nosferatu Trailer: Lily-Rose Depp and Bill Skarsgård Steal The Show In New Remake of Horror Classic

Nosferatu promised a chilling re-imagination of the 1992 classic horror! The story to follow a haunted young girl running away from an psychotic vampire who's obsessed with her!

Updated on Jun 24, 2024  |  10:05 PM IST |  51.1K
Nosferatu (via YouTube/Focus Features)

Prepare to be chilled to the bone with the newly released trailer of Nosferatu!

Lily-Rose Depp stepped from horror comedy to horror thriller and stole the show with gory appearances in the trailer. Bill Skarsgård transformed from playing Pennywise the clown in IT to a bloodthirsty vampire who’s infatuated with a young girl. 


Nosferatu trailer is out 

The film is a re-imagination of the 1992 silent German Expressionist film of the same name. Rose-Depp plays Ellen Hutter, who is haunted by demons, and Skarsgård plays the vampire Count Orlok, who is obsessed with Hutter. 

The trailer shows people summoning a presumably powerful being. Rose-Depp’s character says, “Come to me,” in the beginning, while another character declares, “He is coming.” It could be Skarsgård’s vampire or some other supernatural power. 

According to IMDB, the film is “A gothic tale of obsession between a haunted young woman and the terrifying vampire infatuated with her, causing untold horror in its wake.”

The film is written and directed by Robert Eggers, who also created The Witch and The Lighthouse. 


Robert Eggers talks about Skarsgård’s transformation

The actor most renowned for playing the creepy clown from IT has transformed into another hateful and twisted villain. Speaking to Esquire, Skarsgård revealed that his transformation was “like conjuring pure evil.” He said that it took a while for him to shake the demons he had conjured in the process. 


 The film’s creator also weighed in and added that he fears of The Crow actor not getting the credit he deserves because it appears like he is not there in the film and is so one with the character. 

Speaking about the film Eggers promised that it will deliver the scares! “There hasn’t been an old-school Gothic movie that’s actually scary in a while,” he said and believes that this film would be what the audience waited for. 

Nosferatu will be released on December 25, 2024. 


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