Olivia Rodrigo lauds Britney Spears for her win in conservatorship case: It's a step in the right direction

Published on Oct 06, 2021 01:09 AM IST  |  48.2K
Olivia Rodrigo supports Britney Spears
Olivia Rodrigo supports Britney Spears' conservatorship win.

Olivia Rodrigo has showered her support towards Britney Spears amid the latter's win in her conservatorship battle against father Jamie Spears. For the unversed, Judge Brenda Penny ruled out last week that Britney's father Jamie has been suspended from overseeing the singer's conservatorship.

Rodrigo has lauded the pop star and called her win "a step in the right direction." During an interview with Teen Vogue, via ET Canada, Rodrigo opened up on being "excited" to witness Britney make "leeway" in her case. She supported the court's decision and wished that the singer gets "all the justice she deserves." "I’m so happy that Britney’s case is getting so much attention, and I just hope that she gets all the justice she deserves and lives the best life she possibly can," Rodrigo noted.

Speaking of Britney's case, Rodrigo also shared her take on how "women in the spotlight" are often not given the right kind of support that they truly deserve. She urged society to reflect upon the way women in the entertainment industry are treated and called the atmosphere "unhealthy" for young girls. "It paints a bad picture," Rodrigo said.

Opening up on the ill effects of social media, Rodrigo told Teen Vogue, via ET Canada how young girls have difficulty growing up due to the standards set in social media platforms and the "mean things" that netizens say against each other. Calling the environment "toxic," the good4u singer spoke in support of women who are "just sharing their art and existing in the world."

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