Oprah Winfrey DEFENDS Prince Harry and Meghan Markle amid criticism: Privacy doesn't mean silence

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Oprah Winfrey believes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deserve to not be intruded and invaded upon.

Prince Harry was no holds barred during his and Oprah Winfrey's co-produced mental health documentary, The Me You Can't See, which sees The Duke of Sussex shed light on seeking therapy because of his burdened life as a royal family member. Given how vocal Harry and Meghan have been ever since stepping back from the senior royal roles and shifting their home base to Los Angeles, many have questioned the couple's need for privacy.

During an interview with Today, Oprah was asked about the privacy criticism that Harry and Meghan have been subjected to, to which Winfrey explained what the couple exactly meant by 'privacy'. The 67-year-old media mogul began by talking about she herself asks "for privacy" while "talking all the time," before adding, "So I think being able to have a life that you are not intruded upon by photographers or people flying overhead or invading your life is what every person wants and deserves, is to not to be intruded and invaded upon." This is what Oprah feels Harry and Meghan asked for when they said "they wanted privacy."

Winfrey hopes that people will understand that for Harry and Meghan, "privacy means not being invaded, not being intruded." But at the same time, Oprah stated that the couple "are public figures who are going to use their platform to speak to the world. And I'm sure we will continue to hear from them."

"Privacy doesn't mean silence. That's what people are missing," Winfrey concluded.

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