Oprah Winfrey TACKLES question of whether Prince Harry's candidness is going to help him with the royal family

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Oprah Winfrey shed light on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle "being able to express" their "own personal truth."

During a recent appearance on CBS This Morning, Oprah Winfrey spoke candidly about her and Prince Harry's co-produced moving mental health documentary The Me You Can't See. For the unversed, in the five-part docuseries, Harry is amongst the many who talks about his tryst with mental health problems while revealing how his troublesome royal family life was a detrimental trigger factor for him.

When host and Oprah's best friend Gayle King asked if Harry being as candid as he is (in Oprah with Meghan and Harry and The Me You Can't See), is going to help The Duke of Sussex with the royal family, the 67-year-old media mogul confessed, "I don't know if it helps with the royal family. But this is what I do know is that being able to express your own personal truth in a way that benefits you and also helps other people to see the truth in themselves."

"...which is the reason why Harry agreed to sit down and have the conversation, the first interview that went around the world, and in this series, you will see that we are in conversation because he knows the power of story. He knows that by sharing the story of his own grief, with his mother, that many other people who haven't processed their grief will say, 'Oh, you know what, that's what's going on with me too,'" Winfrey explained.

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