Over 100 PR firms pressure HFPA to implement diversity changes; Threaten to cut off talent

In a move to pressure Hollywood Press Association into implementing diversity changes, top PR agencies are threatening a mass blackout.
PR Agencies threaten HFPA Over 100 PR firms pressure HFPA to implement diversity changes; Threaten to cut off talent
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The Hollywood Press Association recently came under fire for its lack of diversity after the Los Angeles Times' report revealed that it consisted of zero Black members in the 87-person organization. While the association has been drawing a lot of flak ever since, in a recent move to pressure the association into taking rapid action, top press agencies have now threatened to pull out their talent unless the association cleans up its act.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, over 100 PR agencies joined hands to address a letter to the HFPA clarifying their stand. The letter consists of signatures from several PR firms across London, Paris and New York. The press agencies in their letter, make it clear that they are willing to withhold the participation of their clients in HFPA events unless the association embraces necessary reforms and shows transparency in its act.

An excerpt from the letter reads, "While we stand ready to support your good faith efforts, please know that anything less than transparent, meaningful change that respects and honours the diversity and dignity of our clients, their colleagues and our global audience will result in immediate and irreparable damage to the relationship between our agencies, our clients and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and those who sanction the institutional inquity and insular culture that currently define it," via THR.

The HFPA, in the meantime, showed a willingness to reform during Golden Globes 2021 which were held earlier this month. HFPA member Helen Hoehne had said on stage, that they recognize they have work to do and also spoke about the importance of Black representation.