Palace sends message to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle with daughter Lili missing from Royal line of succession?

Updated on Jul 27, 2021 09:15 AM IST  |  209.2K
Lilibet Diana should be listed as eighth in line for the British throne.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who welcomed their daughter Lilibet Diana on June 4, have seemingly received a staunch message from the royal family post stepping back as senior working royals and moving to Los Angeles! As per Page Six, Lili is still MIA from the Royal line of succession for the British throne almost two months after her birth.

Lili is supposed to be listed as eighth in line for the throne but the spot continues to be occupied by Prince Andrew instead. Buckingham Palace is yet to address the current discrepancy. In comparison, Lili's elder brother Archie, 2, who is seventh in line for the throne, was added to the official list just two weeks after his birth, i.e. May 6, 2019. Prince William and Kate Middleton's youngest son Prince Louis, 3, who is fifth in line for the throne, was added to the official list less than two weeks after his birth, i.e. April 23, 2018.

Given the delay in action, tongues are wagging, questioning if the palace has deliberately delayed adding Lili to the official list as a message to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their controversial decision. In a conversation with the Royal Rata podcast via Page Six, ITV's Chris Ship stated how you can't help but "to ask what has taken them so long" to add Lili's name.

"All they have got to do is hit the paragraph button and put in a different number. They must have done it before. They did it for Archie. Clearly, they did it for Louis when he was born. And they have done it for some of the other children like August that have been born as well," Chris went on to theorise. August is Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's son, who was born on February 9.

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Do you believe the palace has an ulterior motive behind why Lilibet Diana is still nowhere to be found on the Royal line of succession for the British throne? Share your honest, personal thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.


Anonymous : Can,t imagine what he is up to mow
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Anonymous : i cannot imagine such selfishness
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Anonymous : Just to much protocol and selfishness within the Royal family. Well wishes Harry and Meghan
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : Quite an exploitive characters, begging for title, money or I will speak ill about you on a public platform with the help of biggest loser in the world.
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : They wanted freedom and walked out, why hang on to tiltes, succession etc.?
REPLY 2 2 months ago
Anonymous : Well the Royal family always hated Harry's decision of marrying Meghan. They not only ensured she suffered they are day in and day out trying to malign her. If she really was behind his inheritance she would have been very careful about her public image in UK. But instead they chose to walk out of the monarchy. I bet they haven't even shared her pic with the royal fools. Hence they cannot update her photo and declare her line of succession.
REPLY 0 2 months ago
Anonymous : succession, didnt they left leaving everything, question of succession should not even arise!!
REPLY 6 2 months ago