'People find love in...': Mindy Kaling 'open' to leave her single status behind

Mindy Kaling is usually hush hush about her personal life, however, The Office star recently shared her perspective on love and relationships. Read more to know.

Published on Oct 03, 2023   |  01:58 PM IST  |  49.9K
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Key Highlight
  • Mindy Kaling revealed he thoughts on love and relationship
  • Mindy spilled that she is 'open' to date
  • Earlier Mindy has dated B.J. Novak during her time in the Office

Mindy Kaling, known for her work in TV and movies, usually keeps her personal life private. However, during a recent appearance on the Today show, she shared some thoughts on relationships. Here's what she said. 

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Mindy shared her thoughts on relationship

Mindy, 44, best known for her role in The Office, revealed to Today that  “I’m still a romantic at heart, and I write these stories about people finding love when they least expect it,” she added, “So, of course, I’m open to that, and I believe in magic and timing.”  She reminisced about “when [she] was younger” and felt distant from any attention from boys. Back then, she would imagine what it felt like to fall in love. She had a vivid imagination and loved stories about people falling in love, often inspired by romantic comedies like those starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

Mindy started her career as a writer, actress, and producer, working on projects like The Office and The Mindy Project. She drew inspiration from her own life, especially her father's experience. Her father lost his wife to pancreatic cancer in 2012 but later found love again in an unexpected place. He moved to Los Angeles, where he met his new partner in the same apartment building. Their love story gave Mindy hope that love can be found unexpectedly.

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About Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak's relationship

Mindy is a mother to two children, Katherine Kit Swati and Spencer Avu. She hasn't publicly disclosed who their father is. Her most high-profile relationship was with B.J. Novak, her co-star from The Office. They dated on and off until 2007 and remained close friends. In fact, B.J. is reportedly the godfather of Mindy's children.


In February, B.J. playfully reminisced about their past relationship when he presented Mindy with an award at the 2023 Producers Guild Awards. He described their relationship as a "tumultuous, romantic, toxic, boundary-less mess," but filled with love and endless arguments. Novak added, “We were in love with each other, and we were reckless idiots, and the two of us would argue about all of these things forever — grinding the writers’ room into a halt until we got too upset, and we’d go to our respective offices and slam the door where we would continue arguing over AOL and Instant Messenger, it was 2005. … Nearly 200 episodes of The Office together, 24 of them written by Mindy, far more than any other writer on the staff, and our conversation never stopped.” Despite their ups and downs, their connection remained strong throughout their time working together on The Office. 

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Where is Mindy Kaling originally from?
Mindy's parents hail from India

Who is the father to Mindy Kaling's baby?
Mindy Kaling didn't reveal the father of her baby

How did Mindy Kaling lose so much weight?
Mindy lost weight after instense workout and hiking

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