PHOTO: Jimin photobombs RM's latest selfie as BTS ARMY gets major MiniMoni feels

Taking to Twitter was BTS leader RM, who shared a handsome mirror selfie of himself while Jimin photobombed the selca in a cute manner. Check out MiniMoni's selfie below.
PHOTO: Jimin photobombs RM's latest selfie as BTS ARMY gets major MiniMoni feels PHOTO: Jimin photobombs RM's latest selfie as BTS ARMY gets major MiniMoni feels
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It's been a few days since BTS leader RM's birthday but BTS ARMY is extremely happy about all the Namjoon updates coming their way. From coming on V Live for his birthday mini-celebrations to sharing handsome photos of himself on Twitter, it was indeed a memorable 26th birthday to remember for Joonie and ARMY. The fun doesn't stop just yet as the Intro: Persona rapper took to BTS' official Twitter page, a while back, to share another handsome selfie of himself during work hours.

In the mirror selca shared by RM, we see him dressed in a cosy grey sweatshirt paired with black trackpants and silver hoop earrings while giving a gummy smile, holding his phone with a matching cover. Joining Namjoon was his MiniMoni partner Jimin, who photobombed the selfie in the cutest way possible. Dressed in a simple white tee, midnight blue cardigan and black sweatpants, ChimChim struck a pose with a sideways peace sign. ARMY couldn't get over the adorable bromance and flooded Twitter with sweet messages for the BTS bandmates.

Check out RM and Jimin's adorable selfie below:

We're loving this bromance!

With so many MiniMoni interactions lately, we're wondering if BTS' upcoming will have an RM and Jimin subunit?! Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, to celebrate his 26th birthday in a meaningful way, RM donated 100 million won (USD 84,200 apprx) to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) on September 12. Namjoon's considerable donation will be used for reprinting hard-to-find and out-of-print books related to art and those will be then sent to elementary, middle, and high schools in 400 places across Seoul. The books will also be available for purchase in MMCA's bookstore.

Anonymous 9 months ago


Anonymous 9 months ago

I'd love see RM and Jinmin to make a subunit. Maybe Jinmin can rap again? I liked it when Jinmin did it with Suga. I also hope that the two of them will write their own song.

Anonymous 9 months ago

Great match and chemistry between RM and Jimin! We've heard them share compliments about each other throughout the years and collaborated successfully in the past. I hope more collaboration is in their future.

Anonymous 9 months ago

Both are looking so cute. Jimin and RM I am speechless Sarangheo RM and Jimin