PHOTOS: Joker star Joaquin Phoenix gets arrested while protesting for climate change in Washington, DC 

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix made a memorable appearance at Jane Fonda's Fire Drill Fridays climate change protests in Washington, D.C. The Joker star was also seen getting arrested post delivering an empowering speech. Check out Joaquin's photos below.
Joaquin Phoenix joined Jane Fonda for her Fire Drill Fridays climate change protests in Washington, D.C.
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Joaquin Phoenix is definitely taking his Golden Globes 2020 acceptance speech promise of doing his part for climate change to heart. Besides being vegan for almost his entire life, the Joker star also made the bold move to wear the same Stella McCartney tuxedo from the Golden Globes, for the entire award season. Now, taking another step toward doing his part to safeguard Earth, Joaquin joined Jane Fonda for Fire Drill Fridays climate change protests held at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

After delivering a passionate speech asking the crowd present to reevaluate their stance on consuming meat and dairy products, Washington Post reported that Phoenix was arrested and taken into custody. This isn't the first time a famous celebrity has been arrested during these peaceful demonstrations. Sally Field, Ted Danson, Martin Sheen, Diane Lane and Lily Tomlin are just some of the names who have earlier been arrested from the same protest while Jane has been arrested five times. Thankfully, the arrests don't last very long.

Check out Joaquin Phoenix's photos, along with Fonda and Susan Sarandon, below:

Kudos to Joaquin Phoenix, indeed!

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Meanwhile, in his speech, before getting arrested by the cops, Joaquin had shared passionately with the crowd present at Capitol Hill, "I struggle so much with what I can do, at times. There are things that I can't avoid. I flew a plane out here ... but one thing that I can do is change my eating habits and so I just want to urge all of you to join me in that."


when will btown take a lesson from these legends.

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