PHOTOS: Prince William and Kate Middleton adorably play with puppies as they wrap Royal Tour of Pakistan

Prince William and Kate Middleton wrapped up their royal tour of Pakistan by attending an Army Canine Centre in Islamabad. Check out photos of the couple sharing an adorable moment with puppies below.
Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially wrapped the royal tour of Pakistan.Prince William and Kate Middleton have officially wrapped the royal tour of Pakistan.
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It's been a delightful experience for Prince William and Kate Middleton in Pakistan, where they embarked on a royal tour for five days. Besides playing cricket, having adorable tea parties and riding on a bedazzled rickshaw, William and Kate also focused on their philanthropic duties. On Friday, i.e. October 18, 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wrapped their royal tour by visiting an Army Canine Centre in Islamabad. The UK provides support to the centre which aides a Pakistan Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) program to breed and train dogs to identify explosive devices.

Speaking of dogs, William and Kate shared an adorable moment with some puppies, who could not get enough of the animals and pet them affectionately. The couple was all smiles as the paparazzi clicked them during a candid moment. Kate had her fashion game on point once again as the Duchess adorned a long black jacket with a white tunic, white pants, crossover flats and dangling earrings. A fresh face of makeup and voluminous curls completed the easy-breezy look. On the other hand, William looked handsome in a blue button-up shirt, black trousers and denim shoes.

Check out their photos below:

We adore this royal couple and how!

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Meanwhile, owing to a terrifying thunderstorm, William and Kate had to stay an extra night in Lahore which led to their trip to a military post in Khyber Pass being cancelled.

According to E! News, during their visit to the Army Canine Centre, William spoke candidly about the topic of security saying, "The fact that we're here today and witnessing UK-Pakistani security working together shows you how important it is and that, actually, what happens here in Pakistan directly correlates to what happens in the streets of the UK."

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