PICS: BTS' J Hope visits Suga, Jin & Jungkook on Daechwita MV set along with coffee truck dedicated to AGUST D

Suga was in for a big surprise when J-Hope surprised him on the sets of AGUST D's Daechwita MV, in which Jin and Jungkook had a cameo. Hobi came bearing gifts as he brought along a coffee truck dedicated to Yoongi.
BTS member Suga recently released his second mixtape, D-2, along with the Daechwita MV.BTS member Suga recently released his second mixtape, D-2, along with the Daechwita MV.
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One of the best parts of any BTS related music video is the fact that we get some killer behind-the-scenes fun to fuss and obsess over. Case in point, with RM's Do You and Intro: Persona MV shoots, all the BTS members visited the sets to offer their support to the Bangtan leader. Both videos were filled with some endearing moments as the members cheered on for Namjoon. During Intro: Persona's shoot, Suga had a major complaint against the members for not visiting him when he was shooting for his first mixtape, AGUST D.

Now, it looks like the BTS members are finally making Yoongi's dream come true, especially J-Hope, who went out of the way to make his hyung feel extra special recently. During the shoot of the Daechwita MV, which is the title track of AGUST D's second mixtape, D-2, Hobi visited the set to spend some time with Suga. Along with Sope, Jin and Jungkook were also present as they had a hilarious, memorable cameo in Yoongi's MV. Moreover, Hobi brought along a customised coffee truck, which was designed with adorable and funny pictures and selfies of Suga, J-Hope as well as Sope. The banners on the coffee truck read, "Came to cheer on our hyung. Min Suga jjang jjang (the best) man!! — SOPE maknae, Hob," and "Coffee Truck!!! Coffee Truck!!! Eat it all!! Coffee Truck!!"

An overwhelmed Yoongi took to BTS' official Twitter account to share some photos, where the foursome is seen posing in front of the coffee truck and the 27-year-old rapper's gummy smile is proof enough of how elated he was with Hobi's special gesture.

In the photos, Suga looks handsome in a simple black tee layered with a white top, black jeans and black flip flops. We also couldn't help but notice the scar makeup, which was prominent in the Daechwita MV. J-Hope kept it casual cool and fashionable in an oversized military green shirt which was paired with matching shorts, sling bag snapback, mask and cream coloured flip flops along with white socks which had a yellow border. Jin looked his worldwide handsome self in a white sweatshirt, which was paired with black jeans and cream coloured cozy shoes. Our Golden Maknae Jungkook matched with Yoongi as he donned a loose-fitting black tee along with three-fourth shorts and brown flip flops.

Check out Suga, J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook's photos from the Daechwita MV sets below:

"Sope Maknae, Hobi's Coffee Truck, thank you overwhelmingly!," Yoongi tweeted for Hobi.

We adore their friendship and how!

What did you think of Suga aka AGUST D's Daechwita MV and D-2? Let us know your views in the comments section below:

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Meanwhile, speaking of D-2, the 10 track album has topped the iTunes Albums Chart in 80 countries and counting, which include the US, the UK, Canada, Germany and others. Suga officially joins RM and J-Hope as the only Korean solo acts to achieve the top spot in both the US and UK iTunes Albums Chart. Furthermore, Daechwita peaked at #1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 50 countries and counting.

Yoongi not only collaborated with Namjoon for a track in D-2 titled Strange, but he also worked with Kim Jong Wan of Nell on Dear My Friend, Niihwa on 28 and MAX on Burn It. When Suga was asked by Billboard about his overall experience of working with these artists on D-2, Yoongi shared, "It was a fun experience. I actually wanted to collaborate with a lot more artists but some were unavailable due to personal circumstances. Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with them next time. One of the artists I did get to collaborate with was Kim Jong Wan of Nell, who let me know he enjoyed my mixtape from 2016. I appreciated it a lot since he was my idol when I was young."

Moreover, when it comes to where he found the inspiration for D-2, Suga revealed, "The answer to this question is always the same: every moment and every incident. It’s a habit of mine to record and take notes, so sometimes, I get a pleasant surprise when I dig through and rediscover lyrics. Some of the lyrics I scribble without thought have, at times, become real precious."

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Anonymous 18 hours ago

God... this just makes me Stan SOPE even more... so cute these goofballs are.. Aww.. jang jang man poong poong

Anonymous 6 days ago

I just love the way, how Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope and probably Jimin and V (or that is at least what a friend told me) made a appearance in the MV

Anonymous 6 days ago

I love Agust D and jk and jin's fight was memorable though

Anonymous 6 days ago

jungkook and jin fight will be historic and memorable lmao...

Anonymous 6 days ago

Even when he is in a MV they are fighting ,,,even in his sleep they are fighting

Anonymous 6 days ago

Vmin were in the MV too i guess

Anonymous 6 days ago

No I don't think so

Anonymous 6 days ago


Anonymous 6 days ago

They were in it

Anonymous 6 days ago

No, they didn't

Anonymous 6 days ago

Cuties jinkook and sope

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