Piers Morgan gets clean chit over controversial comments on Meghan Markle from UK media regulator

Updated on Sep 02, 2021 08:53 AM IST  |  91K
Piers Morgan gets cleared by UK board for Meghan Markle comments
Piers Morgan gets cleared by UK media board for comments on Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan had hit the headlines for his controversial comments on Meghan Markle during his stint as a host on Good Morning Britain. Morgan reportedly quit the show following the backlash he received related to his remarks on Prince Harry and Meghan's Oprah Winfrey interview. UK's media regulator board has now given Morgan a clean chit over the same comments adding that he wasn't in "breach." 

It was revealed by the UK office of communications on Wednesday that the investigation related to Morgan's comments was concluded and that he was "not in breach" in keeping with the freedom of speech law. As reported by Fox News, the statement made by UK board said, "Mr. Morgan's comments were potentially harmful and offensive to viewers, and we recognise the strong public reaction to them. But we also took full account of freedom of expression. Under our rules, broadcasters can include controversial opinions as part of legitimate debate in the public interest, and the strong challenge to Mr. Morgan from other contributors provided important context for viewers." 

The decision also irked a response from Morgan himself who took to Twitter to write, "Do I get my job back?" and also called it a victory for free speech. He also added being delighted by the board's decision to endorse his right to disbelieve the Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s claims made during the Oprah Winfrey interview in July. 

For the unreversed, Morgan faced major backlash from viewers after he expressed his disbelief over Harry and Meghan's statements about racism and bullying related to the royal family. Morgan also got into a heated argument with his co-host Alex Beresford on-air over his controversial opinions about Markle and his reaction to the Oprah interview. Following this, Piers announced his exit from Good Morning Britain. 

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