Pinkvilla Picks: In need of motivation amid lockdown? Park Seo Joon's series Fight for My Way will inspire you

When it comes to Park Seo-joon led K dramas, you know you are in good hands! We give you five reasons why Fight for My Way, which also stars Kim Ji-won, is just the motivation we needed amid the lockdown period.

Updated on May 06, 2020 11:25 AM IST  |  5.5M
It's the tantalising chemistry between Park Seo-joon & Kim Ji-won that makes Fight for My Way, a must-watch K-drama.
It's the tantalising chemistry between Park Seo-joon & Kim Ji-won that makes Fight for My Way, a must-watch K-drama.
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Ever since the release of Parasite, people have finally opened their eyes to Korean entertainment like never before! There's a reason why Hollywood and Bollywood are deeply inspired by Korean cinema and K-dramas as there's so much to offer on a silver platter. Their combination of various genres, especially with K-dramas and serving us a delicious dish as the endgame is just cherry on top of the cake. As we're locked down at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, we've been relying on movies and tv shows to keep us company.

So what's our Pinkvilla Pick for today? Fight for My Way. Starring Park Seo-joon, Kim Ji-won, Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon, this 2017 K-drama, which is available on Netflix, speaks loud and proud to the rebellious youth! Each character has had to go through trials and tribulations with their dreams being ignored as they grew older. It's the reconciliation with one's dream and bringing back the lost motivation that makes Fight for My Way not only entertaining but an inspiring watch as well!

Here are five reasons why Fight for My Way will help motivate you during the lockdown period:

Park Seo-joon & Kim Ji-won's delectable chemistry

There might be a lot of debate as to which actress has the best chemistry with Park Seo-joon. After careful consideration, Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won's chemistry as Dong-man and Ae-ra in Fight for My Way trumps all other couples. Moreover, it's their constant 'I hate you, I love you' moments that add to the cuteness factor and makes you root for the couple to be endgame! We all could do with a Dong-man to our Ae-ra and vice versa. And, let's face it! Best friends turned lovers is a storyline that never goes out of style!

Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon's love story


Similar to Marshall Ericksen and Lily Alridge's cheesy romance in How I Met Your Mother, Joo-man and Seol-hee are the epitomai of old-school romance in Fight for My Way and it's extremely endearing to watch. But like all couples, even these two go through the seven-year itch and the troubles they have to face as boyfriend and girlfriend are heartbreaking at times but also hopeful to witness. Eventually, you're as invested in their love story as you would be in Dong-man and Ae-ra's love story and root for both couples to find their eventual happy ending.

Funny sequences

While the main motto of Fight for My Way is chasing your dreams, one can't neglect the funny quotient that is jam-packed in the 16-episode series. Moreover, it's the back and forth between Dong-man and Ae-ra that leave you laughing so hard, you will forget to breathe! The Fantastic Four sequences in particular at the Na-mil bar is hilarious and will make you remember the fun times with your own squad! P.S. Dong-man and Ae-ra's aegyo battle will never not be funny!

Realistic storyline

It's the relatability quality of the storyline that immediately draws you to Fight for My Way. It's about four characters, who we see in real-life as well! Maybe, we're even them as we all have dreams we chase, trials we ensue, tears we cry and laugh at this thing called life! With the narration overview in every episode, we come to know the inner thoughts of each of these characters; their vulnerabilities and insecurities and their strengths and weaknesses. We can put ourselves in their shoes and understand why a particular character is emoting the way they are!

Inspirational factor


As kids, we've all dreamt of what we wanted to be when we grow up. However, when adulthood hits you, it comes at you like a bazooka! For these four characters in Fight for My Way, we start by seeing them miles away from their teenage dream, being sunk deep into the rigorous standard of living to just survive and pay your rent's due. However, with time and several episodes, we see those same dreams come back as Dong-man chases his taekwondo ambition with an MMA twist, Ae-ra finally gets the microphone in the big spotlight, Joo-man realises that his dream was always Seol-hee and Seol-hee comes with the epiphany to love herself. It's just the motivation we need, especially during such troublesome times!

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If you had to recommend a movie or series to everyone else amidst the quarantine period, which one would you suggest? Let us know your picks in the comments section below.

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Okay I’ve watched all of PSJ’s drama and all I can say is he has the best chemistry with Kim Ji Won no bias