Pinkvilla Rewind: When BTS' Jimin & RM couldn't get over how handsome Shawn Mendes is during their first meet

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Pinkvilla Rewind: When BTS' Jimin & RM couldn't get over how handsome Shawn Mendes is during their first meet

BTS' impact on a global scale is so phenomenal that everyone can't help but take notice. From their godlike success on Billboard charts to their historic Grammy nomination, there really is no stopping Bangtan Sonyeondan and hence, it comes as no surprise that many well-known artists aspire to collaborate with the South Korean boy group, which comprises of members - RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

In today's Pinkvilla Rewind, we travel back to 2017, when BTS was making their US TV debut performance at the American Music Awards. As expected, the AMAs 2017 was lit up with an epic DNA act that floored everyone present and had the boys trending all across the globe on social media. BTS' EPISODE of the AMAs 2017 highlighted the behind-the-scenes for the boys at the award ceremony where they met Shawn Mendes, someone who BTS really admires, backstage just before gearing up for their performance. "We should - I would love to get together with you guys and do some writing and whatever and sing some stuff," Shawn relayed to BTS which received an "Of course," from both Namjoon and Taehyung.

When Joonie further added that they'll follow him on Twitter, Mendes revealed to the members that he'd followed them on Instagram recently and quipped a cute comment saying, "Did you, like, 'Prove it?' I'm like, 'Well-' Nah, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I did," when RM started checking his phone. After saying their thank yous and goodbyes, Jimin proclaimed in Korean, "He's so handsome! Seriously," via YouTube channel Bangtan Subs' translation, while Namjoon asked Jungkook, "Isn't he way too good-looking?"

Watch BTS' Episode where they and Shawn Mendes met for the first time at the American Music Awards 2017 below:

During a 2018 interview with Shawn, Radio Disney had shown the 22-year-old singer a prior interview with BTS, where the members have revealed that they'd love to collaborate with Mendes. "I like Shawn Mendes. We are friends. We want to. [RM added, "We met at AMAs. You said let's collaborate so maybe it'll happen someday."] Call me please," Jin had quipped. BTS then proceeded to enthusiastically hum Shawn's hit single There's Nothing Holding Me Back. "I love BTS. I'm obsessed with watching the videos of them dancing. It's insane," Shawn marvelled before watching the sweet video and as a response, added, "That would be... That's amazing. I met them backstage at an award show and I didn't think they were even going to know who I was but they said, I guess they're big fans. That's amazing. Well, yeah, maybe we'll collaborate... I can always make room for BTS, that's for sure... I would love that too. Thank you for showing me that. That's sweet."

After Shawn's confession, his fans and BTS' fans, known as ARMY, flooded Twitter with collab requests between the two powerhouses. During their Billboard 2018 interview, BTS was asked about Mendes' kind words for them to which RM gushed, "I saw the video... He is too handsome. [laughs] He looks too good. Sorry. We always wanted to collaborate with him. We're actually his fans, right?! In My Blood, right? We love his music, for real."

While ChimChim marvelled over how handsome Shawn is, when Namjoon asked him if he wants to say something to Shawn, Jimin quipped with a laugh, "You... very nice!" TaeTae also sang a few lines of In My Blood.

Speaking of In My Blood, V had shown his appreciation for Shawn's Grammy-nominated song with a tweet while Mendes quote tweeted, "Thank youuuuuu," with three red heart emoticons.

Check out V and Shawn Mendes' 2018 Twitter exchange about In My Blood below:

We can't get over how BTS couldn't get over Shawn Mendes' handsomeness!

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