Prince Harry and Prince William’s reunion was a ‘good start’ but the ‘whole argument runs so deep’

After Prince Harry and Prince William’s reunion at Prince Philip’s funeral, a friend is opening up about the duo’s current state of relations.
Prince Harry and Prince William’s reunion was a ‘good start’ Prince Harry and Prince William’s reunion was a ‘good start’ but the ‘whole argument runs so deep’
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Royal brothers Prince William and Prince Harry finally reunited for the first time in over a year since the latter’s move to LA, after the funeral of Prince Philip, and now, a family friend is speaking out. If you missed it, the brothers walked close to each other during the processional and then were seen together afterwards. 


The friend of the family spoke out about the reunion, and told People magazine, “I think it’s a good start and it was lovely to see but this whole argument runs so deep, I don’t think there is any quick fix.” There seems to have been some heightened tension after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed some bombshells.


In their bombshell interview earlier this month, Prince Harry and Meghan detailed their royal exit and what led them to the drastic change. From accusations of racism against the royals to revealing that Meghan received zero help from the firm, the interview was a bombshell one. Earlier in the week, it was also revealed that according to late Prince Philip's biographer Gyles Brandreth, "no good" would come out of the interview.  In a piece for the Daily Mail that he wrote on Sunday, Brandreth revealed that Prince Philip reportedly thought of Harry and Meghan's interview as 'madness'. 


“I know from someone close to him that he thought Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was ‘madness’ and ‘no good would come of it,’ ” Brandreth wrote, referring to The Duke of Edinburgh.  The biographer further added that he was not surprised. He wrote, "I was not surprised because that is exactly how he described to me the personal TV interviews given by Prince Charles and Diana, Princess of Wales, back in the 1990s."

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