Prince Harry has a lengthy two-hour chat with Prince William and Prince Charles post Prince Philip's funeral?

After attending Prince Philip's emotional funeral service, a report revealed that Prince Charles had private talks with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry amid The Duke of Sussex's rift with the royal family.
Prince Harry may stay in the UK for Queen Elizabeth's 95th birthday on April 21. Prince Harry has a lengthy two-hour chat with Prince William and Prince Charles post Prince Philip's funeral?
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All eyes were on one Prince Harry during Prince Philips' funeral, which took place at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, as it marked The Duke of Sussex's first reunion with the royal family post his and Meghan Markle's final royal engagement in March 2020 as well as their controversial tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. While Harry and William were kept apart with cousin Peter Phillips placed between the brothers, the world got to see Harry converse not only with William but with sister-in-law Kate Middleton as well.

According to The Sun, Harry had "private talks" with William and Charles after The Duke of Edinburgh's funeral, which lasted two hours. A source shared that even though it's early days, one would hope "this is exactly the first step Philip would have wished for." while also sparking hopes that the heartbreaking rift between the siblings could one day be healed. Interestingly, while several reports suggest that Harry is expected to fly back to LA today, i.e. April 19, The Sun reported that Harry may now stay for his grandmother Queen Elizabeth's 95th birthday, which takes place on April 21.

As per a source, with Harry and William remaining cordial during the televised funeral service, it paved the way for Charles to join his sons when everyone had left. Harry and William arrived at the Quadrangle together while the rest of the family chatted on the lawn, away from the TV cameras. Charles, along with Camilla, who had led the royal family on the walk back, strolled across the grass to have a word with the princes as the rest of the family members split into small groups and spoke two meters apart without their mask, offering "solidarity" and "comfort." As for The Queen, she retired to her private apartments immediately after the service with her Lady-in-Waiting Lady Susan Hussey.

Many mourners, who joined Queen Elizabeth inside the chapel left the castle shortly post the 50-minute funeral service. While Camila is said to have left by car without Charles at 5 pm, sources informed that The Prince of Wales stayed at the castle for an hour after Camila departed along with his sons. According to royal biographer Penny Junor, the talk took place minutes after the funeral as the trio was grieving in their own ways. As for the conversation, a source believes that it's "unfathomable to think Megxit and Oprah did not come up." There "might have been some greetings" which is also "a positive start," as per Penny.

"There is a lot to be unravelled here. This is a falling-out that has gone on for a long time. They need the time, space and the trust. Harry should stay for the Queen’s birthday as it is the least he can do for his grandmother and it gives him even more opportunity to talk to his father and his brother," Junor concluded to The Sun.

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Meanwhile, Harry is expected to return to the UK in July for the unveiling of his late mother Princess Diana's statue, commissioned by William and Harry, in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace, on what would have been The Princess of Wales' 60th birthday, i.e. July 1.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I find Meghan to be a national embarrassment. She epitomizes the hungry American. She can never satisfy her appetite for one up man ship. She is a spoiled, righteous, selfish and obsessed woman. She has learned to manipulate and direct the people around her. Lucky are the men she tired of! Unlucky is Harry! What has he done to deserve her?!?! I ask, but I think that I know. Sad state of affairs.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Meghan went to London with the intent of gaslighting Harry into believing monarchy was evil and his family was the worst on the planet. They planned all along to betray them and sell their souls to OprahGayle and Netflix. It is shocking that the Queen risked spending a night alone on her train with this woman. But that wouldn’t have stopped Meghan’s avalanche. The wedding and having a baby were merely acts. Put on a smile and endure a production. When the family began to push back and block her, that just added fuel to her fire and she let loose with accusations of racism. MEGHAN is the “Royal Family member” who portrays her child as dark, posting only black and white photographs of Archie. Can’t travel while pregnant? Lie. Wikipedia lists that she accompanied Harry to Five foreign destinations (Australia, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand and Morocco; plus a solo trip to New York for a baby shower) between announcement and birth. She’ll probably arrange for paps to follow and document her daughter’s babymoon somewhere lavish, but then cry “invasion” and file a lawsuit. They’ve publicly divorced his family but won’t drop the celebrity titles because they enjoy making a lifestyle of being paid to do nothing but cause controversy. As if her dysfunctional birth family (mental issues there?) wasn’t enough. On 17 April, we saw other Royals come together to support of their mother and grandmother as the Queen demonstrated the epitome of elegance and dignity in the m

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

I would like to see them work it out between the two brothers. Not sure if it will be possible but one thing is that Harry and or Meghan have to stop running to “report“ on private conversations to Gayle or Noprah

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Meghan is leading Harry around by the nose. She has ruined his life. He is an immature little boy. I hope the Royals are not foolish enough to trust he and Meghan ever again. Harry should never have had children so quickly after being married. I firmly believe if he had no children with Meghan he would have ended the marriage. Children now complicate matters, and Meghan damn well knows this. She is an awful, awful woman.

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Good points anonymous .

Anonymous 3 weeks ago

May they patch up this rift. The brothers were always so close. What a pity if they stay like this. I blame Megan for all of this. She does not fit in and never will!!!