Prince Philip marks a month since hospitalisation; Not part of 'Firm of Eight' taking royal family decisions

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Prince Philip marks a month since hospitalisation; Not part of 'Firm of Eight' taking royal family decisions.

Over the last few weeks if there is any family that has made headlines, it is Britain's royal family. Thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell interview with Oprah, it has managed to create a ripple effect in the UK. Amidst this chaos, Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip continues to be in the hospital and in fact has now completed one whole month since his hospitalisation. From shifting hospitals to undergoing heart surgery, the 99-year-old Prince Philip continues to be admitted at St Bartholomew's Hospital, a specialist cardiac centre. 

Buckingham Palace's last update on Prince Philip came on 5 March. The Duke of Edinburgh has since then been in the hospital under observation. Meanwhile, a latest report in Express UK, reveals that Prince Philip is no longer a part of the royal family's "the firm of eight". Quoting Insider's deputy editor, the report revealed that the royal family core consists of eight senior members of the family. 

To recall, Meghan Markle in her interview often referred to "the firm" and "the institution". However, she had also added that it includes senior executive staff who have been working for the royal family since years. The report revealed that "the firm of eight" involves more influential people. 

Speaking to MSNBC, Insider's deputy editor Chloe Pantazi revealed, "Within the firm itself it's important to know that there's an inner circle that's known as the Firm of Eight. As of December, this was announced, the Queen is obviously part of this inner circle as is her son Prince Charles, his wife, Camilla. The Queen's grandson Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, and then Princess Anne." 

She added, "Interestingly, Prince Philip is not part of this because he retired from royal duties. So, the senior working members of the Royal Family are part of that inner circle and they are the ones who are often making decisions." 

Amid Prince Philip's hospitalisation, Queen Elizabeth has continued to hold engagements as well as rest of the members of the royal family. 

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