Prince William and Harry do THIS every year on Princess Diana's death anniversary; Find Out

On August 31, it will 22 years since Princess Diana passed away. The Princess of Wales died in a fatal car crash that took place in 1997 during her visit to Paris. Every year, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry follow a particular tradition to mark her death anniversary.
Prince William and Harry do THIS every year on Princess Diana's death anniversary; Find Out
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Come August end and the world comes together to remember Princess Diana. The Princess of Wales died in a tragic accident on August 31, 1997. The royal blood took her last breath in Paris, where she met in a car crash. 22 years on, Diana is still remembered by her family and fans. Her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry find ways to honour their mother at every occasion. Be it their wedding or their children's births, they find the sweetest ways to remember their mother. 

On her death anniversary, the royal brothers follow a heartwarming tradition. Sources have revealed that the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex sit down, every year, to recall their favourite moments spent with Diana. The insider tells Us Weekly that they recall the small things about their late mother which would make them laugh. From "ski trips and outings to Thorpe Park [a British amusement park]; the effort she went to on their birthdays — all of it,” the insider told Us Weekly. 

And they don't follow the tradition alone. The grapevine reveals that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle join the brothers. The children also sit along to hear about their grandmother. Apart from the past, the brothers also discuss about ways they could keep Diana's charity work and her legacy going. 

Every year, fans of the royal family member pay a visit to the Kensington Palace to lay flowers and remember Diana. This year too, photos from the UK is expected to flood the internet. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. 

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