Priyanka Chopra ends rumours of fallout with Meghan Markle; visits baby Archie with gifts from Tiffany jewels

Looks like there wasn't any fall out between the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra after all as the actress paid baby Archie a visit along with husband Nick Jonas.
Priyanka Chopra ends rumours of fallout with Meghan Markle; visits baby Archie with gifts from Tiffany jewelsPriyanka Chopra ends rumours of fallout with Meghan Markle; visits baby Archie with gifts from Tiffany jewels
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Priyanka Chopra and Meghan Markle's friendship has been one to look out for and well, when the Duchess of Sussex did not attend PeeCee and Nick Jonas' wedding in India, rumours afloat that the actress is angry and that their friendship has hit a rough patch. Things seem to have heated up when Priyanka did not attend Meghan's baby shower, thereby only adding more to rumours about things not being well between the two. However, looks like they were all just rumours and there is no truth to it.

According to the latest reports, Priyanka and Nick paid a visit to Meghan and baby Archie and, they also took along with them gifts from Tiffany Jewels. A friend told The Sun that they found baby Archie adorable and also added how Meghan is loving the new life. The quote also mentioned how Meghan looked great and has easily gotten habituated to life as a mother. Earlier, when the announcement about baby Archi was first made, PeeCee had also taken to Instagram to wish the couple as she wrote: Congratulations M & H.

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While the rumours about a fall out have been put to bed, we wonder when will we get to see them hanging out together. Earlier, on Watch What Happens Live!, when PeeCee was asked about the fallout and if she was angry that Meghan Markle could not attend her wedding, the actress laughed it off and totally shunned the ongoing reports. And now, after Priyanka and Nick's visit to Meghan and Archie the past weekend has ended any such rumours once and for all.

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Wow PC PR spread the story that PC went to see Archie, the initial source was also from PC team. After so much of free publicity from all international outlets. Lo and Behold Madame PC herself denies it herself..again lots of free publicity from ALL international press...Brilliant and Wicked.

Both are equally pathetic! Once they are done raising their husbands both will be single soon

Hehe, who's this obsessed guy with all these desperate replies? Is it this Shakuntela?

Yes of course, the one and only Shakuntela. She is a single piece. There is no other delusional fan like her.

Please who is Shakuntela, oh God I love Pinkvilla , as am typing this I am laughing and laughing.

Birds of a feather flock together. PC and sparkles are like mirror reflections of each other.Feel sorry for the RF but its left to be seen if they are victims or just very good chess players.

LOL! Just a paid employee for Tiffany's ....the delivery girl !

Sad PC trying to prove that she is important and happy.

how about giving some plastic toys to Ethiopian/indian children. Mehgan can afford silver toy.

Priyanka is the worst kind of celebrity there seems to be so much fakeness within her. I bet Meghan wants to see Priyanka as much as she wants to see Thomas and Samantha markle

Yeah we get it you hate the woman after that then what?


Yes thousands of people land on her doorstep. But not all of them were invited to her wedding? Cribber...get a life

so many hater's you people have nothing to do with your life so hating on Priyanka gives you high...hahah...she doesnt give a damn

Honestly why people care so much? They royals don't like to be photographed at their homes and that's why she didn't post in her social media. She probably did make a visit just like Serena Williams did. She didn't post anything. The royal spokesperson spilled that they came to visit. It is not her problem and she is not craving for attention. Its sad her own home country always criticizing her.

I am not a PC fan or hater.I admire her personality to dream big and achieve. BUT her popularity was known when people were calling DP as Priyanka at Met gala. Humiliation to both actresses.

PC is so desperate to be in news! I just hate this woman

Really, you hate her because she desperately wants to be in the news?. mmmm says a lot about you.

Meghan does not give a damn about this gesture. There are millions of people who land at her doorstep everyday and Priyanka just happens to be one of them.
Don't know how the Jonas brothers stand her. She must be very unpopular in the Jonas household. Relax Priyanka, don't try to hard to please people. Does not always work.

Millions of people landing on the Duchess of Sussex doorstep?. Pllzzz spear us the exaggeration, how do you know Meghan does not give a damn about this gesture did she tell you? How do you know she is not popular in the Jonas household do you live with them? Please get a life, you have hounded this women for so many years and you still don't get it, she does not know you exist.

PC thanks for informing us how unclassy can you get woman??????

Isnt she godmother of archie, now ? PC PR spread that fake news too.

Tiffany ? so she tells her PR to make it public, what a sicko with bad intentions

good lord this attention. seeker plastic

Guys please stop following her and let her leave the way she wants to, I think everyone fed-up watching her post every day

Losers on pinkvilla have a problem with Priyanka being friends with a Royal


They’re friends and they will meet. Idk why people burn so much. Mind your own business!

why is she reporting her personal visit. need more publicity. stay relevant PC.

Because she can and she is a celebrity this is what they do, flaunt their lifestyle and highly placed friends.

Did she seriously leak what branded gifts she got for the baby? Sounds more like a sponsored leak for some freebies from Tiffany!

Her PR is overdoing today again. Desperate, insecure, jobless, bored, drunk. Missed something?

If you know how you come across, you will weep for yourself, you are angry about someone who don't know you, it's a shame a stranger has this much power over you.

How sad.

If this would be true she would have post twenty topics about it. So I believe not a single word!

Lies, lies and more lies only to get attention. Pathetic and failed jobless actress!!!!

Please be careful, they way you are ranting about this woman will give you a stroke, you really hate her, yes we get it but the sad thing is it ends here, poor you, PC will not suddenly disappear from the surface of this earth, you can only grit your teeth and bear her existence, again I warn take it easy, please stop twisting your knickers and banging your head on the wall, it will not change anything.

For how long will you hound this woman, you have been at this nonsense for how many years now?. Priyanka is enjoying life and raking in moolah by the year, you are here stewing over her mere existence, you are upset about someone you will never meet in your life, you don't seem to know the power she has over you, you are angry, bitter and frustrated with someone you have never met or know personally. God please save some people, the mere existence of Priyanka Chopra is giving some people sleepless nights, God please I call on you again, some people needs serious intervention in their lives.

I'm sorry to disappoint you Priyanka, but we've met already. Together with SRK ;)

Oh good for you, congratulations for meeting two super stars, so when and where did this meeting with the super stars happen, what happened, did you slap her or fight her what did you do? What did you say to her or what did 3 of you discuss?

Since you seem to know her very well, come on spill the tea, we are all ears and eyes, what happened?

You have met her with SRK and so, clap for yourself, you have done well but today you are on Pinkvilla in front of your laptop ranting and ranting about her and she is where.....? visiting the Duchess of Sussex, her new born baby and Prince Harry at Frogmore Cottage in London.

Poor you, your life is in front of a lap top and PC's life is hobnobbing with Prince Harry, I hope you see the difference between your lives.

God am laughing my head off, people are very amusing.

Esp for you low brain. Before I had to live such a miserable and boring set set life like Priyanka, I would kill myself. No wonder she lives on Instagram and is drunk 24/7 now.

Wait how do you know she is drunk 24/7 on Instagram, so you actually seat in front of your phone/laptop, monitoring her every move, wait a minute, so 24 hours of the day you are on Priyanka's Instagram page watching her every move, how long have this been going on, so your life for a long time has been, "Hating Priyanka Chopra", oh my God, you have taken unhealthy obsession to a whole new level.

Does your family know, do you even bath or eat, since you seem to be spend 24/7 on Priyanka Chopra Instagram page, hating her, God you need to go see a doctor asap, are you aware that she has this much power over you, you breath and sleep Priyanka Chopra everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Whao !!!!!!, you will make a good case study in Psychology 101.

ROFL, your obsession with this woman is only ridiculous.

Holy shit, search for help. This is called paranoia!

As if is your life is not pathetic already, stalking a celebrity on the internet, living all your waking hours gawking at her Instagram pictures, hoping and wishing she commits suicide and you don't see there is something wrong with you.

How many years have you spent on the internet stalking her,glaring at her pictures with burning hatred, 4 years, 5 years or 10 years?.

Wishing her the worst possible fate.

You are indeed a lost cause, nothing can be done to save you anymore, you have reached the point of no return.

God help you......

Lol, now I seriously ask me who's more bitter. For sure not the guy who met PeeCee and SRK. Poor soul. Pls PV.

You met her and I bet you could not do anything.

You said the same thing about Priyanka being invited to the Royal Wedding but she was there, not only at the Royal Wedding but she was at the more exclusive reception too.

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