Priyanka Chopra Jonas' reason for not asking Sophie Turner about Game of Thrones finale speaks of their bond

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark actress's sister-in-law, confesses that she hasn't asked the Game of Thrones star about the GoT finale. The actress reveals why.
Game of Thrones,Sophie Turner,Priyanka Chopra Jonas,Hollywood,Cannes 2019Priyanka Chopra Jonas' reason for not asking Sophie Turner about Game of Thrones finale speaks of their bond
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Sophie Turner has already confessed that she told about the Game of Thrones 8 spoilers to two people in her life. The actress, who plays Sansa Stark on the HBO show, admitted that she told her now-husband Joe Jonas and her publicist about the final season. But given that Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sophie are so close, they call themselves the J Sisters, everyone is curious to know if PeeCee asked her sister-in-law about the Game of Thrones finale episode. We know we would if we were in her place. But turns out, she is nothing like us (which is why she's Priyanka Chopra Jonas). 

The actress, who is at the Cannes 2019 film festival, confessed that she hasn't asked Sophie about GoT's finale. The Quantico actress told Page Six that she understands the pressure surrounding the season finale, thus she chose not to ask Sophie. "I’m an actor, I understand the stress around it. I’ve never asked, because I wouldn’t want to put her in that position," Priyanka explained. 

Given that Priyanka wrapped up the final season of Quantico last year, she has been in the shoes of Sophie. We think it is such a sweet gesture that Priyanka is making sure she doesn't cause more pressure on Sophie. 

Priyanka was seen supporting Sophie when the Game of Thrones season 8 aka GoT's final season's first episode aired last month. The actress shared a picture of Sansa sitting on the Iron Throne with PeeCee's dog, Diana, seated next to her. Check out the picture below: 



Good luck @sophiet you are a boss babe. And are very loved.. #jsister #gameofthrones tonight

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Game of Thrones rolls out its last episode on May 19 in the US and May 20 in India. 

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Priyanka chopra is an inspiration.

awwwww i love them both so much
priyanka is so sweet, i dont know why she gets hate...

This headline was so long it should have been split into seven interconnected novels.

OMG Sansa with this rat? Will it become even more embarrassing?

Holy shit, today her PR is crazy again. Confirms the fact that she's jobless and desperate. This overdoing PR will people annoy even more...haha

Really?? Does she even watch GOT? She can fake everything

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