Priyanka Chopra's swanky new NYC restaurant's name was actually Nick Jonas' idea; Find out how

Updated on Mar 28, 2021 09:52 AM IST  |  434.7K
Priyanka Chopra's swanky new NYC restaurant's name was actually Nick Jonas' idea; Find out how .

Priyanka Chopra has added the title of restaurateur to her illustrious list of achievements. If you've been disconnected from what's happening, let us bring you up to speed. The actress recently opened her own Indian restaurant in New York City and it has finally opened to public. For her food venture, Priyanka teamed up with her friend and business partner Maneesh Goyal. In a latest interview, Goyal revealed how the swanky dining place Sona came about.  

Speaking to Vogue that naming the restaurant was in fact Nick Jonas' idea. He said, "We wanted something Indian that was easy to pronounce, spell and of course Google." Goyal further said that the pop singer suggested the name Sona and left everyone in a mild shock. 

“We were all like: What? How do you know even that word?" He added that Nick got hold of the word 'Sona' during his wedding with Priyanka in India. "By the end of that night, we had already emailed the trademark attorneys!" revealed Goyal. 

The menu at Sona is another treasure that is waiting to be explored. On Priyanka's recommendation, Golgappa shots have found a spot on the menu. Chef Hari Nayak who will be heading the team at Priyanka's restaurant also revealed to Vogue that dishes like Dahi Kachori and Kofta Korma are a part of the menu. But it doesn't end there with some unexpected dishes like Crab Puri and Caviar, Buckwheat Bhel and Nick Jonas' favourite Gajar Halwa. 

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