Ray Fisher says he can't let Joss Whedon take 'sole responsibility' for Justice League's inclusivity issue

Ray Fisher talks about the inclusivity issue in Justice League, says Joss Whedon isn't the only one responsible for it. 
Ray Fisher reacts to Justice League inclusivity issue Ray Fisher says he can't let Joss Whedon take 'sole responsibility' for Justice League's inclusivity issue
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After Zack Snyder's Justice League was released, one thing that fans realized and were shocked to discover was how Ray Fisher's Cyborg was handled differently in both films. While the Snyder Cut gave Fisher his much-needed limelight, it was clear that Joss Whedon had chopped off several portions of Fisher's Cyborg and other characters of colour from the movie. Fisher had earlier addressed Whedon's behaviour on the sets as he accused the director of being abusive and unprofessional. Although as per a Comicbook report, the actor has said that he doesn't hold the only director Joss Whedon to blame but also the Warner Bros studio. 

The actor has stated that he believes that Whedon's Justice League is a less inclusive film on account of not only the director but also "institutional forces at Warner Bros." The actor recently in a tweet mentioned, "Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg’s racist and discriminatory conversations were major factors in the disparities. I may not like Joss Whedon, but I refuse to let him take sole responsibility."

This is not the first time the Cyborg actor has spoken out about his ill experience. After Fisher first spoke against Whedon's behaviour on set, Warner media launched an investigation into the actor's claims and later stated that the actor didn't co-operate with the investigator. It was later reported that Fisher called for a third-party investigation which concluded in December 2020, with WarnerMedia stating that "remedial action" had been taken, via CBR. 

Fisher in the meantime has also posed about DC Films President Walter Hamada owing him an apology. On February 10, 2021, the actor had tweeted saying, "Walter Hamada still owes an apology to the participants of the Justice League investigation."

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