Record of Youth New Teaser: Art imitates life for Park Bo Gum as his character receives military draft notice

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Record of Youth New Teaser: Art imitates life for Park Bo Gum as his character receives military draft notice

We're just a few weeks away from Record of Youth premiering its first episode. This upcoming tvN drama is jam-packed with star power as Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam and Byeon Woo-seok play three youthful individuals with big dreams in mind; Bo-gum as Sa Hye-joon is an aspiring actor and model, So-dam as Ahn Jung-ha is a talented makeup artist and Wooseok as Won Hae-hyo is a model and actor who was born to wealthy parents.

In the brand new teaser for Record of Youth Ep 1, we see Hye-joon going through many trials and tribulation on the pursuit of his dreams. "I believe in the power of good in this world, and I’m going to do it while protecting the things I want to protect," Hye-joon states via Soompi. Moreover, Hye-joon also receives his military draft notice which further complicates things (Bo-gum himself begins his military service on August 31). Then there's the fact that he's compared to his best friend/rival Hae-hyo as the latter too wants to succeed as an actor.

But, what Hye-joon has is his parents' support as he shares that there are people who are cheering for him to succeed even if there are those who hope to see him fail. "Our son is the best," Hye-joon's mother Han Ye-sook (Ha Hee-ra) gushes about her diligent son while Hye-joon also shares a tearful embrace with his father (Park Soo-young).

Let's not forget Jung-ha who is also struggling to achieve her goal of becoming a well-reputed makeup artist but finds solace by fangirling over Hye-joon. Towards the end of the teaser, we see Hye-joon wrapping his scarf around Jung-ha's neck as she confesses, "I want to record this moment."

Check out the heartbreaking yet hopeful Record of Youth Ep 1 Teaser below:

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Record of Youth premieres on September 7, 2020.